Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Ba!!s To Say It

If democrisy means anything, it's that every opinion gets it's place on the adgenda. However controversial. To do anything else would be hypocrasy. Which is what the BBC do.

If there's one thing that Biased BBC wins hands down, it's giving open house to interesting ideas. Unlike the BBC's leftie-riddled Have Your Say.

Stubaby writes:

I've just had this comment rejected by BBC's Have Your Say.
"How should we deal with drug dealers?
Cut their bo!!ocks off. This will act as a real deterrent and, even if they do re-offend, their children won't."

If you'd left in the bit about using a rusty razor, you'd be in. Sure of it.

This was a serious comments, worthy of consideration.

It's not you. It's them.

As usual they don't publish comments that do not suit their adgenda.

Which is to keep drug dealers fertile. Typical Beeboid!

Not only that, but they manipulate the results by delaying comment that they don't reject (but don't really agree with). They do this so that comments they do favour are displayed in the key positions to be voted for (at the top of the "Most Recent" or "Recommended" lists )

Stop. I'm losing faith. In everything.

Thankfully, Heads On Poles is around to offer support.

Just been reading that stubaby.

Thank God. A glimmer of hope. Even in this darkness.

Very liberal is the best that I can say about it and bent is probably the most accurate.

Accuracy is our byword. Liberal and bent it is.

Bet they don't publish my comment...

Remember to put in the bit about the rusty razor. Or the hungry piranha.

Either would be good.

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