Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A touching piece on Prayer by Biased BBC's resident saint David Vance

Read: A Word On The Eye in which St Vance writes movingly of the blogger The All Seeing Eye's recent recovery from illness...

This is outstanding news. David, as ever, puts it sublimely when he writes:

"This is... proof that prayer is answered! "

I have it on good authority that God was especially moved by the potential loss of All Seeing Eye's contributions to the Jacqui Smith is a Cunt blog; God not only being a Tory, but also a famous lover of foul language. And a misogynist, too!

When he heard that another blog named
Fuck The Fuck Off was similarly threatened, the call went out to save All Seeing and his mighty works.

Was it not St Augustine who said "God Moves in Mysterious Fucking Ways His Twatting Wonders to Perform"?

And to think that al-Beeb is
single-handedly trying to destroy Christianity whilst living proof of God's Mercy is among us.

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