Thursday, 23 July 2009

Burn Baby Burn

David Vance's crusade against the BBC's reporting of an HIV story from The Lancet continues to throw a compelling light upon his Biased BBC fanbase.

Anonymous writes: The word "faggot" as applied to homosexual men basically compares the homosexual to a bundle of sticks used to fire fuel.

I like the way you're heading...

It is an accurate comparison.

Goes without saying...

It means the "faggot" is fuel for fire.

Explains why Joan of Arc plays big among gay men.

The faggot incinerates himself in the fire of his own lust.

And it explains the constant attendance of firemen down the Gay Village.

Is is logical and reasonable to call a gay man a "faggot".

Least of their worries. Have you read what
everyone else has been calling them?

It is irrefutable. One must be an irrational bigot to say it is wrong to call gays faggots.


All revolts against the natural order are self destructive and self defeating acts of bigotry against life itself.

This natural order? Could you just run that past us again?

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