Friday, 24 July 2009


Martin, a little time ago, tried to define for Biased BBC readers the lifestyle of the typical liberal or, er, Beeboid. His was, as ever, an illuminating guide to another world. As a joint venture, we offer the following in-depth explanation:

Are our Beeboid/liberal lives sad?

Only when we read Atlas Shrugged's interminably dull postings. We just want to scream: "Make it interesting, for God's sake." But we don't. We cry.

Do we attend "cottaging" Islington dinner parties?

They serve something more interesting than cottage pie usually, so no.

Do we like to sit there boasting we've started a campaign to release some lifer scum or how we've just written a screenplay for the BBC on the imorality of life prison sentances.

Well we usually spell better than that, but, yes, lifer scum are what we love most. We have no fear of crime, you see, and we are determined to undermine justice just because we can.

Do we munch delecious lettuce and drink our tap water?

No, we don't find lettuce that delecious, sadly. Tap water, on the other hand, makes us happy because Panorama has taught us to hate bottled water.

Is our ideal evening out spent on Hampstead Heath getting some "bottom" action and doing a bit of crack

If the alternative is reading more of Atlas Shrugged's posts, then yes. Otherwise no.

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