Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bum Fun is a dignified concept

Deegee is worried that BBC trolls are lowering the tone of debate in the hallowed halls of
Biased BBC discussion threads.

He writes: "This thread has deteriorated to the point where it is seriously embarrassing."

A bit unfair. Let's remind ourselves of the quality discussion offered up by B-BBC regulars in the self-same thread:

Martin: Sticking your penis up a dirty arse hole is NOT a way to ensure that you don't contract some nasty disease.

Dick, er, The Prick: bum fun between blokes doesn't necessarily mean that they're gay - hmm...yeah, it does.

Robert S. McNamara: Yeah, queers are immune to AIDS one they become equal religiously, culturally and politically (whatever the fuck that means)

AndrewSL: remember the pathetic teenage twat-post you did. You think this is about name calling don't you? You don't get it, do you? You'd better hope you don't. ("It" being AIDS)

Ratass Shagged: Ratass Shagged

Oh, and

Vic: they take turns at "hide the penis" with each other,but have only ever been used to fawning liberal acceptance of perversion in Big Bitch Company's la la land of lefty lunatics

banthebeeboids: away and play hide the sauasage or brokeback mountain with spotty m instead of making a cockhead of yourself here,you trolling twat

A higher quality of debate it would be hard to imagine. We should feel privileged to be among such literary giants.

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