Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sir Bobby: Just A Smokescreen

Biased BBC's saintly David Vance is the best news editor the BBC will never have. Only last week, he was chewing the carpet over the BBC's failure to play up the Government's treachery in leaving the Union Flag off our much-loved new ID cards. Now he's wondering why Sir Bobby Robson's death bothered al-Beeb so much:


Slightly unfortunate. But we'll let that ride.

Is the sad death of Sir Bobby Robson really the single BIGGEST news story in the UK today?

Hadn't thought about it. What's your view?

The BBC are giving it massive prominence which seems a tad disproportionate

Not sure. They've been running several other stories in front of it.

...and I speak as someone who has a son who is a fervent Newcastle FC supporter!

Whew! Was worried you might be dismissed as a flint-hearted anti-BBC obsessive. Ha'way The Lads!

Look, it's a shame that he has died,

Gracious. As ever.

I think he was a nice guy and I did watch the testimonial for his Charity at St James last week

Stop. We don't want to set Gazza off crying again.

BUT this is overkill. Wonder what bad news the BBC are really trying to hide?

The bastards. It's almost certainly something about flags.


  1. What is this 'Newcastle FC' his son supports? Is it in any way related to the team Bobby Robson used to manage, Newcastle UNITED FC? I think we should be told.

  2. Dunno. Perhaps United is a word that St. Vance has difficulty with?

  3. Quite possibly. It is three syllables, after all.