Saturday, 14 November 2009

Blessed Are The Benefit Claimants

It's 7.49 and time for Thought For The Day. Our speaker today is pounce, chaplain to the massed bands of The Biased BBC Regiment:

the bBC, they love the radical Islamic way of life.

Lying for allah

Free benefits for allah

I am a victim for allah

the bBC loves allah.


Curious Fact: pounce claims to have been raised by a strict Islamic Pakistani father.

Legal Note: On the evidence of the above, Allah is almost certainly the subject of fraudulent claims against the Benefits System. It's unlikely that any N.I. number has ever been issued to a non-corporeal deity.


  1. Even Pounce seems to have lost his mojo. Didn't he used to have a specific trademark sign off?

    (Oh yes. Can we live blog their Question Time live blog one time. I particularly enjoyed them cheering on John Humphrys when he asked any leftie a tough question. But when he did the same to anyone on the right they instantly pronounced it an "ambush"!)

  2. B-BBC logic would dictate he's written off as a 'self hating' muslim though, so his opinion is void, right?

  3. "F**k Islam, F**k Sharia if you dozy fat female beeboid dykes love Sharia so much why don't you piss off to live in Saudi Arabia then?"

    Martin, today at 2:46, in the open thread at B-BBC. He must be having a bad day, cos normally he's the voice of balance and reason.

  4. I'm enjoying Travis' asking if Sue's faith has anything to do with her rather one-track posting record. In particular his response to those who call him out as a bigot for even asking;


    If it's bigoted to ask after somebody's creed, then yup, I'm a bigot.

    I take it that means you yourself are an orthodox twat"

  5. By now I think its clear to everybody, that David Vance and the Biased BBC are just another front for the B.N.P. This blog and all of it's associates must be closed down at once, by Gordon Browns government, and then we can all get on with the real task ahead of fighting the evil Tories, and preventing them winning the forthcoming general election.

  6. One of the posters on the BBC reporting army abuse allegations in Iraq

    "i was just thinking how typical of the BBC over these allegations. note they are allegations - not proven. but i am sure i almost saw a glint in the eye of the reporter on News 24. as if his subtext was 'there you are - told you so. the British army are all a bunch of scum'. the BBC are disloyal, anti British and left wing. but sometimes they just step over the line and move into the obscene."

    Yup. All that from seeing a "glint" in a reporter's eye. Fortunately once BBC News moves to HD obviously biased glinting eyes like this will become much more apparent to the rest of the "sheeple" out there.

  7. I love the glint in the eye comment, B-BBC is so instinctive.

    On another note, who else loves Martin's constant use of the word 'mincing'. The world is full of lefties mincing around. And lesbians, mincing left right and centre. Mincing. Great word.

  8. The glint in the eye was clearly the pre-conceptional glint of another multi-racial baby being inflicted on the world by the bastards at the bBC, breeding with Muslims to force a liberal Muslim women-hating Sharia agenda on the peaceful, Trimble-rimming public.

  9. I'm a long term Biased BBC blog watcher, and today it seems to have reached unprecedented levels of hysteria and weirdness.

    Check out the following, all from the THE WAR ON OUR ARMED FORCES thread.

    " Where it comes to appeasing Islam in whatever form it takes, then we will be sacrificed."

    "i am sure i almost saw a glint in the eye of the reporter on News 24. as if his subtext was 'there you are - told you so. the British army are all a bunch of scum'."

    "Who are the enemies of British society, whom the BBC doesn't name?: Islamic jihadists and their supporters."

    "But as the day went by, it was clear the BBC were campaigning on this one.

    As usual.

    Scum. "

    "But if a few 'ooman-rights lawyers, living off the public teat, trump up another set of dubious claims about the UK military, the BBC splashes it all as a running top headline.

    If I wer4e at the MoD I would ban the BBC entirely from war zones, they are a fifth column."

    "Shiner is a turds sniffer. He and his grubby friends simply trawl Iraq trying to find people who think they've been abused. "

    And my personal favourite, courtesy of DP111-

    Why is the BBC a collective dhimmi?

    "Is the BBC a dhimmi by choice or blackmail?

    The BBC is a Left collective, but it is I hope not a revolutionary Marxist collective. So why its alliance with Islam?

    The BBC is funded by the government - is the government forcing the BBC to act like a dhimmi - Why?

    What does the BBC or its paymaster gain by the BBC adopting a dhimmi stance?"

  10. I absolutely loved this one, "Who are the enemies of British society, whom the BBC doesn't name?: Islamic jihadists and their supporters."

    You can just imagine him sitting back having typed that with a really smug grin on his face. For who could argue against such a brilliant insight?

  11. Especially as there's an article on the front page of the BBC website tonight entitled

    Islamists 'promote jihad in jail'

    Yes, those ever BBC tyrants really do ignore these tricky stories don't they, even going so far as to write a story, and then bury it on their home page.

  12. Ah yes - but when I watched a news item about the jihad in jail story it was clear from the way the reporter was standing that this was being promoted as a good thing.

    The BBC are against killing all Muslims - so it is clear that they are actively supporting a plan to set up a caliphate in the UK. Why is this so difficult to understand?