Thursday, 5 November 2009

Knight Of The Living Dead

Stop snacking on each other's flesh and do something about those bloodshot eyes: Biased BBC top dog David Vance has been to Las Vegas and come back with terrifying Important Information About Us All.

I have been reflecting a little on the difference between the political narrative in the UK and that in the US - having experienced them both in the past few weeks.

We are breathless. Lay it on us.

I believe that there are fundamental differences but they have little to do with politics and everything to do with people.

They're a bit fatter than us. And they like rubbish sports like Gridiron. And Indy Car.

The US still revolves around the sense of the individual and an idea of self-responsibility. They tend to look for solutions from within themselves, they seek to solve issues with a can-do attitude.

Perfect example: New Orleans + Katrina + George W Bush = Can-do.

By contrast, the UK (and in truth the European) attitude is different.

The football's infinitely better.

it is about how the State can help, what the State can do to solve our problems.

No. 10? My toilet's blocked. When can you sort it?

It is about a grudging and shrill entitlement to rights, not responsibilities. There is a shrugging of the shoulders and a sense of past glories being all that remains.

Bit harsh on your fellow Ulster Loyalists. But you said it.

It is the "we" that prevails with a slavish intellectual investment in politicians as our would be saviours.

You spell it Wii, actually. And what else are we supposed to do while we wait for Hilary Benn to come round and clip the hedge?

Decades of socialism (temporarily ameliorated by the Thatcher years) in one form or another has stolen the great from Britain and substituted a snivelling apologetic victimised zombie nation in it's place.

Say that last bit again…

a snivelling apologetic victimised zombie nation

Is it really 28 Days Since you disappeared to Las Vegas? As for the electorate, hit them on the head with a cricket bat. That always works.

We need to take a lesson from our American cousins and get up off our knees as a Nation State. We need to assert control of our own future. Instead of looking to politicians for answers, we should look within and then TELL the politicians what we expect from them.

Jesus Christ, Hilary! I wanted the privet scalloped, not boxed. Where's Hazel Blears when you need her?

If we don't it will be all over here and all that remains of liberty and hope will be over there.

I hear UKIP are handy with a strimmer.

Update: David does think the snivelling apologetic victimised zombie nation might get one thing right: Voting down gay marriage, like the good people of Maine.

You can understand why here in the EUSSR the elite prefer NOT to give people the chance to vote!

Because they're snivelling apologetic victimised zombies?


  1. Presumably he flew home on the Red-Eye?

  2. In the spirit of insulting compound nouns, I hereby declare David Vance a wankburger.

    It's an American theme.

  3. I'm loving The Phantom in the gay marriage post. He's officially my favourite internet hero.

    Excuse me, I'm off to find some gay porn I can photoshop David Vance's head onto.

  4. Happens every time. You get back home and the post-holiday jet-lag hits hard. You need to get the rage off your chest, and Bingo! Everyone else is a snivelling apologetic victimised zombie.

  5. David: If you like the USA so much, why .....

  6. Biased bbc's top dog David Vance? Nay, the 'eye' is getting in there and taking over the Thursday night top spot of bbc bashing time. A usurper? The dirty scoundrel, after Vancie looking after his blog when he fell - and vancey wanted prayers for him and all. Tis a sad day when you get a back stab like that.

    And theres vancey and patty at the west coast convention, no photo of vancies missus 'hilary'. Short for hilarious - if you knew her!

  7. Says something about Vance that he was inspired to rubbish his own countrymen by visiting that centre of American excellence, Las Vegas. Let's thank our lucky stars that he didn't visit somewhere worthwile.

  8. Conker's Mate9 November 2009 at 22:40

    he actually said EUSSR...unbelievable. People who say that really make all eurosceptics look bad. These Biased BBC loons actually harm ordinary right of centre voters by making us all look crazy like them.