Monday, 16 November 2009

Never Give A Jew The Torah

It goes without saying that Biased BBC sets the standard for evidence-based criticism. But sometimes even B-BBC outdoes itself. All praise to the saintly All Seeing Eye for this devastating critique of BBC vileness:

Did anyone catch the recent "Desert Island Discs" featuring Anthony Julius who was Lady Diana`s lawyer?

Sounds as if you did.

He had said that he was Jewish and loved English Literature enough to have wanted for some time to teach it.

Excellent. If a little dull.

At the end she presumed to offer him a copy of the Torah - and he protested saying that he wanted the full King James Version of the Bible so he would still have access to the beauties of the New Testament.

Is that the time? And I haven't yet walked the dog.

The BBC is full of this anti-Christian presumption.

Murdoch…Walkies! Sorry, what did you say?

The BBC is full of this anti-Christian presumption.

The bastards! Offering a Jewish man his own religious scripture? (Are we sure this is out of order?)

I assume that Kirsty and team did not already know that the Torah IS the Old Testament

Oi! Young! Noooo! (Is it possible that they thought some Jews might find the New Testament a bit tricky since Jesus is not actually their Messiah?)

but are they not commiting (by their lights!) the cardinal sins of stereotyping and patronising a Jewish person to presume that he might automatically take the Torah?

Stereotyping for sure. Unlike assuming that everyone wants to take The Bible in the first place.

Julius deserves credit for being so forbearing of the caricaturing!

As a lawyer he'd know that The Religious Persecution (Assuming Jews Follow Their Own Faith) Act 1973 gives him full redress.

Add this to the "Good Rebellion, Sir" stance that they take as a matter of course with this question at the end.

That's why they ask, of course. No, really.

A David Walliams and the like are somewhat lionised as and when they refuse the offer of the Bible by the admiring Kirsty and her ilk

She takes her orders from Satan. That's why they chose her.

...seems to be desired even to show how much against "The Man" they all are!

Not sure that makes sense. Is this the same BBC which Biased BBC routinely accuses of institutional anti-semitism, by the way?

Note: This item was submitted by a reader and will be updated with attribution when he/she confirms how they want it to appear.

Possibly too embarrassed. We can but hope.

If you spot anything you think merits inclusion please contact us here.

But try not to be so desperate.

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  1. I like the bit where they say "will be updated with attribution"...

    ...because that little gem was so fucking breaking news, All Seeing Eye just couldn't wait to get it out there before Sky got hold of it and caught the scoop.

  2. From ...Is A Cunt:

    "Barack Obama is a black cunt."

    "Where's my referendum, David Cameron, you lying bollocks-spouting cunt?"

    Apparently All Seeing Eye needs a referendum. A personal one, it looks like. I'm guessing the question is "Is All Seeing Eye a cunt?"

    I'm not convinced that's worth the millions when we already know the answer.

  3. Of course, if she'd offered him a King James bible, she's be a jew-hating bigot.

    In fact, by even engaging with a jew she was predestined to insult not only him, but the jewry worldwide. Probably by saying "hello" in a smirking way or saying something with the kind of antisemitic facial expression only B-BBC's crack team of radio listeners are trained to pick up.

    I'm just glad Anthony Julius wasn't offered a shower before appearing. The BBC have probably rigged it up to the gas supply as we all know they are secretly engineering a second holocaust with Jeremy Bowen and Kirsty Young pencilled in as UberGrupperFuhrer and SubUberGruppenFuhrer.

  4. ' The BBC is full of this anti-Christian presumption. '

    Unlike B-BBC, who are full of anti-Muslim presumption.

  5. So what did you guys think of the Dispatches?

    I thought it was a pretty one sided affair. I don't think the fact the BBC previously broadcast a DEC appeal for Lebanon was sufficient reason to carry it again. The BBC have to be able to approach these on a case by case basis, and as I remember it their reasons were that it was such a controversial issue the controversy over the broadcast threatened its impartiality - that together with the fact the DEC couldn't guarantee Hamas weren't going to benefit from the donations. Reasons I accept.

    And the way that it was inferred there was something sinister about Honest Reporting not having some kind of evil HQ....but instead being a collective. Er, this is the internet - at worst it showed Honest Reporting up to be a bit of a garden shed affair.

  6. Keep it up Comrades. Your doing a great job in exposing these evil fascists.

  7. Wow-what a shower of silly people with too much time on your hands you seem to be!..especially your leader who writes this tripe!
    If you heard Morrisseys Desert Island Discs you might have seen a pattern-our Kirst was rather reluctant to offer him the Bible just in case the coruscating wit of her hero said something to crush her.
    They seem to have bought a franchise or the equivalent(no doubt one of you will be SO clever and tell us of the legalities of Roy Plomleys deal with the Beeb). Presumably the Bible and Shakespeare are part of the game but you do not seem to like it-and Kirsty is obviously pushing your little envelope for you!
    Your devastating line by line of a blog clearly shows you to be truly educated well up to your rather fatuous sixth form wit at least.Have you REALLY nothing better to do with your lives than shadow a BBC critique that may well be an antidote to your aimless controversies and majoring on trivia? Well if it keeps you from actually DOING anything...maybe a line by line critique of this might keep you from being of some benefit a while longer!

  8. Just come across you.
    I stand by what I say above but do take your point...that a Jewish person may well want a Torah-trouble is that it would be too big for his suitcase maybe!
    That said, he could have taken the Psalms-just a little courtesy and thought in advance could prevent such confusions. The BBC would have to take faith seriously though-Songs of Praise this ain`t!
    Still-if your transcripts of the BiasedBBC blogs are correct as they watch Question Time-than you`ll be kicking at an open door.The offensive stuff seems to be outrageous!