Friday, 6 November 2009

Fort Hood: Time For Sombre Reflection

The wretched events at Fort Hood have brought out the richly analytical side of Biased BBC at its most impressive. Much has been written, ranging across the whole of human sympathy & understanding. Like this, from DP111:

As I've posted before, there is just one way to attain peace at home, i.e., separation from Muslims. The only question is how?

The fact that the gunman was an American Muslim has been the cause of a great deal of restrained comment. As you can imagine.

John Anderson says we must not panic:

There is a mosque about 400 yards from where I live. The BBC would have me believe that all the men going there this morning are peaceful. I CANNOT believe that

George R is sanguine about the BBC's preparedness for the coming Muslim Holy War:

does the BBC have an intelligent vetting system to prevent Islamic jihad sympathisers operating BBC programmes and website? Or are the lunatics encouraged to take charge of the asylum?

Of course they are, George. That's why it's called al-Beeb, dammit.

Finally, Robert de Niro tribute act Travis Bickle speaks for all Biased BBCers:

I would have thought being muslim automatically denoted someone as being mentally ill anyway.

Perhaps Network Rail should get the cattle trucks ready?


  1. I love this bit of the B-BBC mindset, which roughly translates as:

    "How dare those people I want to annihilate belong to a violent religion!"

  2. I see that good old fashioned Socialist blogs such as this one, are starting to have an effect on the moronic right wing blogsphere, in that, both Giggits and Grumpyoldtwat have shut down their blogs over the last few days. Now for biased BBC, Lone Voice and Dazed & Confused then.
    "Comrades" lets get them all closed down, onward toward a fourth term in office at next Years general election. We can still win yet.

  3. Anon.

    Socialism personified...... Advocate closure of opposition voices, from behind the veil of anonymity.

  4. Anon,

    I agree with D+C.

    Can I be added to the hate list please?

    Many thanks...

  5. Anonymous 19.37, Dazed and Confused, Rab C.

    Are you seriously suggesting that, with the Conservative Party miles ahead in the opinion polls, that a site like this has any power whatsoever to close, or "advocate closure", of opposing voices?

    Unfortunately, giving your words their generally understood definitions, you are, from which I conclude that all three of you have a few kangaroos loose in your top paddocks

  6. (Inverted commas) "Voice of reason"

    As I was responding to some idiotic moron suggesting that Socialist bloggers should attempt to get my blog amongst others, closed down. I didn't "advocate closure" - He/She did.

    Never mind though. - You twist the words to suit your own standpoint.

  7. Dazed: Two things...

    1. This is not a socialist blog.

    2. I seem to have mislaid the instructions for getting other blogs closed down at my command. As you seem familiar with the notion, you could perhaps pass them on. In the meantime, I will labour under the quaint view that there's bugger all that I can do to shut anyone else down.

    Can't see why I'd bother, either. If Biased BBC closed down I'd have to find another hobby.

  8. O.B.M.E.,

    Your actually the one person who inhabits this blog (Obviously), that I haven't got a problem with. Your out in the open, you state your cause, and you argue with others on the biased BBC itself. It the others among your readership who hide behind anonymity, and make statements such as "Lets get them closed down" that get on my tits when I frequent here.

  9. When has anyone advocated getting them shut down?

    And anyway, it's no worse than some of the insane comments of B-BBC

    'comments do not reflect the view of...'

  10. Anonycuntamong@19.37

    It's true!
    I'm running scared of the Labour lapdogging lefty lickspittles like you and your cunt bubbling comrades. Oh my, I just can't carry on any more, I'm tired of shitting my own pants in fear of you all.

    I give up. You win.

    *leaves stage left (not right)*


  11. From the NY Times;
    “When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad."

  12. Correction: when a muslim guy praises suicide jihad killings, pressures people into converting to Islam, picks up a semi-automatic and starts distributing Korans before blasting 13 US soldiers dead while chanting Allahu Akhbar, you can bet your bottom dollar it is jihad.

  13. Jim
    So he went bonkers because he was Muslim? Or because he was bonkers?

  14. Dave - just to make it even easier for you (and the pseudo-liberal twits over at the BBC/NYT):

    Hasan an acolyte of jihadi teacher Anwar al-Awlaki

  15. Hmmm. First of all I'd just like to put on record I think this is a tragic and terrible event.
    But this whole "he went somewhere bad muslims also went" line of news reports seems rather poor.
    If the signs of his conversion to extremism were so obvious do you not think his employers would have spotted them?

  16. Jim Steer:

    Unless you have solid evidence that every other "acolyte of jihadi teacher Anwar al-Awlaki" has also committed spree killings, it might perhaps be argued that the trigger for the horrific events in Fort Hood might have been in the mind of the killer, rather than the teachings at his mosque.

    Has anyone sought to blame any preacher whose church was attended by Philip Garrido for the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard? Were Timothy McVeigh's preachers blamed for his actions? Perhaps John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy went to church; if so, should we seek to suppress Christianity?

    The actions of this killer were his and his alone.

  17. I'm so glad you all brought your malodorous petty bitching onto here.

    One of the great ironies, for example, of Rab C Nesbitt is that the picture he uses and the name itself are both copyrights of the BBC and Ian Pattison. A more defensive organisation that was there for profit rather than a public service remit probably would have found and enforced their copright by now.

    Could you all please fuck off? I say please because I'm a polite socialist liberal hippie who wants everything that disagrees with me or doesn't present things exactly how I would shut down, but your cock-dribbling just got right on my nerves when you overtook the comments section.