Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Nelson Mandela: Don'tcha Just Hate Him?

The great David Vance is sadly spending less and less time hunting bias at the BBC, which is surely a bad thing for democracy and freedom of speech.

But the good news is that he's beavering away on A Tangled Web, telling truth to, um, power. Today he's pulling the wool from our eyes over that old despot Nelson Mandela.

I note that the vast left wing global hypocrisy,

The BBC?

the United Nations General Assembly,

Oh, them. Amateurs by comparison...

has declared 18 July Mandela Day, to mark the contribution of Nelson Mandela to world freedom.

What's not to like?

So, will YOU be celebrating this joyous occasion and if so, how?

Dig out The Specials' greatest hits. Get emotional. That kind of thing?

Maybe join a terrorist group and kill some innocent shoppers in the name of freedom,

Bad idea in a recession, but I get your drift.

hang a few tyres around the necks of your enemies and set them ablaze,

Perhaps we should instead be celebrating the glorious achievements of the apartheid state?

perhaps find a few communist tyrants to laud,

State-sponsored assassination squads?

maybe find a genocidal neighbour but do nothing to condemn them?

A police state aimed at keeping one-fifth of the population in power over the disenfranchised majority?

I accept that as he got older he became more agreeable

Kind of you. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

but the truth is that Mandela does not merit the accolades heaped upon him by the liberal left.

Perhaps you could suggest an alternative beneficiary?

At best, in the latter part of his life, he did no evil. Is that now reason for sanctification?

Not at all. What's Rush Limbaugh doing next July? Or Sarah Palin?

Or you, David Vance?


  1. As usual with Vance, he takes a grain of truth, and turns it into a desert of nonsense. Mandela is worshipped in a bizarre way for someone who achieved very little in office. But, it's typical of these B-BBC/ATW types to misunderstand the symbolism of the man - not to mention, of course, the aparthied system he led the way in removing. I bet though, deep down, many people on that site have admirations for aparthied type regimes. That's what it's all about deep down.

  2. Mandela: the world's premier uppity negro.

    I'm not suggesting for a moment that David Vance is a rampant race hustling bigot, but he does spend an awful lot of time condemning brown people for all manner of crimes, while simultaneously claiming that the BBC is race-obsessed and gives brown people a soft ride.

    It's probably a coincidence. And anyway, I hear that Clinton thought Mandela was an OK guy, which makes him pretty suspect in anyone's book.

  3. Ahhh, balls. You got the uppity negro in there before me.

    There were large numbers of white people who lived in ZA, Rho/Zim and who fully despised that the white people lost control in places where they were the minority. They all had to go somewhere...

  4. Be fair; Zimbabwe was a thriving economy under White rule, look at it now... Though saying that, Mugabe has failed it not because he's black, but because he's a crazy dictator with delusions of grandeur and extreme socialist policies. South Africa risks going the same way under Zuma - another batty old warrior in the mould of Mugabe.

  5. Well, Zim was a thriving economy under Mugabe's rule. It really was. It's only when he went a bit mental and a lot racist and a lot stupid that it went to shit. That wasn't because he's black. It was because he's a batshit insane dictator who fears the loss of power more than the loss of faith from his countrymen.

    South Africa has always been fucked. It was during apartheid. But South Africa under apartheid isn't a poster child for race-based policies - it's a poster child for vicious dictatorships keeping control by means of fear and murder.