Thursday, 26 November 2009

Climate Camp Camp

The problem with relying on technology is that when it goes wrong, we're often led in the wrong direction, like sat-nav users ploughing into unexpected rivers.

Today's case study looks at Martin, the poet laureate of the highly-respected Biased BBC website. Martin seems to have purchased an early Gaydar module, which is now misfiring.

Misfiring rather badly:

God the same camp beeboid on News 24

(why do all male beeboids act so camp on TV?)

just talked about "Obamary"

which is some crap about climate change.

Highly excited Obama loving male beeboids then

started to tell "us" all about CO2 levels

and about ALL the climate change experts.

He's soundind VERY excited.

Some experts doubt whether Martin is at all troubled by this malfunction, pointing out that he seems pleased to find rampant homosexuality on open display even during serious news bulletins. What does Martin himself think?

I feel like throwing up


  1. It's progress of a kind that he's offering us his vomit, rather than his faeces. Easier to clean up, anyway.

  2. While OME is having a nice little poke at martin, it's thanks giving day on ATW. Not one word on this shite of 'happy thanksgiving!!! eh!! You louse.

    We could have a biased beeb thanksgiving. Martin could be chef.

    Roast turd with veggies, with martins vomit gravy

    troll pumpkin pie

    some good cheer

  3. Martin would of course, wish us all back to a golden age of television, when we could happily watch "Up Pompeii", "Larry Grayson's Generation Game", Russell Harty's interviews, first showings of "Carry On" films, and Liberace on variety shows, all without any of the hint of the evil campness foisted upon us by ZaNuLiebore and their Commie Muzzie loving druggie poove allies at Al-Beeb

  4. I've become quite the fan of Martins since I started following this site but, If I'm honest, I don't think free-verse really does justice to his obvious literary and descriptive skills. I've kinda 'remixed' his poetry below. Think it works better like this. Still a load of bollocks mind.

    God, the same old camp beeboid on News 24
    (Why do all male beeboids act so camp on TV? It's a bore!)
    They went ahead and just talked about "Obamary"
    Which is some crap about climate change. C'est la vie.

    Highly excited Obama loving male beeboids then,
    Started to tell "us" all about CO2 levels, again.
    And about ALL of those climate change experts.
    He's sounding VERY excited, I'm expecting spurts.

    I'll get my coat.

  5. @ Anonymous 14.35

    Did you read how Patty compared Sarah Palin to Thomas Paine on ATW?

    That was my Thanksgiving. The bit at the end where she notes the difference between Palin the Phenomenon and Palin the dipshit incompetent author of Going Rogue, queen of having nothing real to say and no real way of saying it - well, that's my Christmas courtesy of ATW.

    As long as we know the difference between the fantasy of what Palin is - some kind of 21st century crossbreed of Thomas Paine, George Washington, Voltaire and Alexis de Tocqueville - and stick with it, rigidly refusing to acknowledge the reality, we'll do okay.

  6. Palin is a disgrace to right wing intellectuals - I'm constantly amazed at conservatives who jump on the Palin bandwagon. Just shows you how moronic ATW/B-BBC types are.