Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Nodding Robots Want Your Cash

Only yesterday, Biased BBC big cheese David Vance was chiding the Beeb for being negative about the way we treat our children. Quite right too.

What we need are more little rays of sunshine, like Biased BBC's resident soothsayer Cassandra King. She's predicting a perky future for us all once David Cameron gets to Downing Street:

Dave and boy George will exactly what they are told to do when they are told to do it, they are in fact cardboard cutouts and if you look closely you can even see the strings when they appear on TV!

Glad you cleared that up. I thought it was the spray from all the BBC people spitting at them.

The degradation of our parliament over the last decade or so has been very carefully planned, packed with nodding head robots whose only desire is to obey and take the £££££

Typical. The Japanese make robots that can clean the house. All ours do is nod. And ask for money.

power has been syphoned away from Westminster to the point that we are no longer a free nation.

No longer free? Damn those nodding robots. Charging us for everything.

We are about to jump out of the newlabour frying pan and straight into the tory fire, the general election is being manipulated to provide the perfect stooge parliament, everything the BBC does from now on will lead to a desired end, a stooge puppet UK regime led by a stooge puppet leader leading a bunch of stooge nodding head lackeys,

Are there enough stooges in there? I could easily fit in a couple more.

The clearing out of any MP with the slightest independence continues apace and after the next election parliament will look like a sad version of a Warsaw pact fake soviet peoples congress with lots of clapping and nodding and backhanders and corruption and payoffs and insider trading and electoral fraud.

You're erring on the side of positivity here, Cassandra. Let the real miserabilist rip. You know you want to.

The result of the next election will see our democracy dismantled at a fast pace, our nation is booked for the EU butchers block and the dismembering of the UK into powerless stooge regions of a greater forth reich will happen very quickly.

The Forth Reich? It's being run from the East of Scotland, then?

In fact this next election will be the very last free election the UK will ever have, the tories have a dark secret that they will unveil after the election

Speak this nameless terror, I beg you.

and that is electoral reform, the elections of circa 2015 will be a charade where the very last people to have a say will be the actual voter.

They've done a deal with Simon Cowell. Should have seen it coming.

I am sorry if my interpretation of the future upsets our resident tories, where I see a weak stooge they wish to see a Clake Kent figure

Put the klettle on, Classandra's brought a Clake.

biding his time untill he whips into a metorphorical phonebox and comes out as superdave tory he man of action sweeping away the forces of socialism with his mighty arms!

I was hoping he'd melt them all with his X-Ray vision.

Dave throws the odd bone to a traditional tory rump ever so desperate to believe they still have a tory party to vote for...

They won't stand for that. The traditionalists will want a normal bone, not an odd one.

wishful thinking and denial of the the cold hard reality that the old tory party no longer exists, it has been replaced by a new social democrat NWO stooge party.

North West Oldham? Niggaz With Obesity?

Many will scoff at my post and in fact I cannot blame them one bit,

We are deeply serious at this point. Deeply.


  1. "... a stooge puppet UK regime led by a stooge puppet leader leading a bunch of stooge nodding head lackeys"

    Curly, Moe and Larry, your time has come!

  2. If Cassandra can see the future this vividly she should let me know the winner of next year's grand national. Don't mock her OMTE, she can help us become rich beyond our wildest dreams

  3. Meanwhile.... REVOLUTION!

    " John Trenchard
    folks - if this comment system is not changed to haloscan, i will resurrect bbc-biased.blogspot.com

    you have 1 week to get rid of this godawful system - or else i will reactivate that blog , with its full and free comments - and ANONYMOUS comments too.

    i hate that its come to this, but i've stood back and watched this blog be driven into the ground. and its time i said something.

    bring back haloscan and all will be cool.

    dont bring it back and i will set up a rival blog."

  4. "Dave throws the odd bone to a traditional tory rump ... "

    Dave's boning a rump, you say? The dirty, dirty bastard.

  5. Well I'm deeply disappointed not to learn that the solution to concerns about the integrity of parliament aren't to - elect a 100% BNP MPs to our degraded institution of communist stooges.

  6. Well, I can't say I don't have issues with our electoral system, or call-me-dave, but seriously - who is controlling the stooge who controls the stooges who control the stooge regime? More stooges?

    Damn BBC!

  7. A huge stooge. In Bruges.

  8. That's the sound of someone careering off the deep-end. Does she also think the Royal Family are actually evil lizards from Epsilon Eridani?

  9. I notice no-one scoffed at her thoughts.

    In fact, later on, people even applauded her for saying that the Germans were coming again.

    Anyone think she's another of Atom John's personalities?

  10. Smash the Fash