Monday, 23 November 2009

Let's Bargin Our Souls To The Beast

Any doubts about the suitability of David Vance to lead the crusade against The BBC must surely be swept aside by studying the geniuses he enlists as partners on his Irish blog, A Tangled Web.

Most intriguing of all is the American husband and wife team called Grizzly Mama/Troll. Not content with calling for a redneck insurrection against Obama, these fine people - that's Mr Troll on the left - are now offering to do a deal with Satan. Or so they say.

I was born in Philadelphia a few blocks from where the Constitution was written, and signed.

They'd have been thinking about you when they drew it up. For sure.

Since I was born here I am an American citizen with rights granted by God and certified by that document.

That's the way God planned it. And don't let any other God-fearing imbecile - especially them thar Islamics - tell you that the Almighty had different plans.

I am no better or less than any other American, be they born here, or achieve legal citizenship. It does however make me by birth a better man than one born in any foreign land.

As a mere Briton, I tug my forelock and bow before you, superior one. Plus I offer grovelling thanks for your writing all this on a British blog.

Every rule of our society is about to be discarded and made a mockery of by the Marxists and Maoists that are running our Nation.

Can't God put a stop to that?

To put KSM and his fellow conspirators into an American Criminal court is a direct violation of everything that this nation was founded on.

Open justice. That kind of thing.

They are illegal combatants captured on the battlefield, and should therefore have been shot long ago.

Is that everything that the United States was founded on?

Instead Obama violates the sacred basis of our laws.

By not choosing summary execution.

If tried in criminal court they must be set free.

If you say so, superior one.

The case should be dismissed by the Judge the first day, and the admitted plotter of 9/11 should walk away a freeman. No Miranda Rights, admitted to being tortured by the President himself, and repeated Jury Tampering by both Holder and Obama by repeatedly saying he is guilty and will get the death penalty. In other words by our Criminal Laws they walk.

A convincing case. Amnesty International will be impressed.

If any other path takes place the U.S. is in a state of Anarchy.

Can a path take place? Anyway, what's with the Anarchy?

The Principals of Law and Order apply to ALL that enter our system a system designed to allow 1000 guilty to go free before the conviction of one innocent.

You sure that 1000 guilty go free for every innocent convicted? Have you ever visited Texas?

the Obama administration is acting under the power of dictatorial tyranny. Making his own laws as he sees fit.

Which is why he's made such heavy weather of getting a decent health system past Congress. All that dictatorial tyranny he's been up to: Quite terrifying.

I want to thank the President for placing me in hell.

Philadelphia's not that bad. Or is it?

I must wish for the freedom of my enemy, or admit the loss of my country.

I bow to the wisdom of a superior being, obviously. But is it not possible to wish for the conviction of the guilty, and remain a sovereign democracy?

While I am here I think I will bargin my soul to the beast

Stay clear of Simon Cowell. I beg you.

I will bargin my soul to the beast for him to add a tenth ring of hell just for the day after Obama's judgement before God.

I suspect The Pres has already visited Las Vegas. But give it a try.


  1. Bit hard to trump the Grizzly Troll on knowledge of the Dark Forces, I know, but wouldn't The Beast strike a harder bargain than his whiny little soul? Like demanding the Troll sets fire to the Stars & Stripes during the Lousy Version of Football Cup Final or whatever they call it over there?

  2. These are the sort of people who read Ayn Rand for fun.

  3. or more likely have ayn rand read to them

  4. Leave my hussband alone you wanker.

    Have you not seen his Trollcasts?

    At least he dont do it from behinde a rock.

  5. Monica

    Many thanks. I enjoyed his performance hugely.

    The bits about turning Gaza into a desert and killing all the women and children, plus bombing hospitals and schools in Iran were especially fine.

    Matter of taste I know, but I do feel he might benefit from staying behinde a rock. In everyone's interests.

  6. I've seen videos like that before.

    On the news, mind you, but I've definitely seen videos like that before.

  7. There good videos.

    You guys could learn something from them and my Patrick. Your poking fun at his postings but he dont hide his face like you scum.

    David is our friend. He lets me and my Patrick post and we do a good job.

    Monica. Grizly mama.

  8. Monica:

    Not entirely sure you are the real Grizzly. Wrong continent, for one thing.

  9. "Not entirely sure you are the real Grizzly. Wrong continent, for one thing."

    Incontinent, more likely.

  10. I went to Philadelphia recently. The cheese steaks were good. True story.