Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Wrong Johnson

Forget all the crude pro-Labour guff which makes each day on the BBC a torture-chamber of Blair/Brown propaganda.

It's just chicken feed. Feast your eyes instead on this, the ultimate provocation:

We are indebted to Biased BBC regular Teddy Bear, who makes clear the treachery dripping out of every pixel:

The BBC headline on the story seems designed to make sure any reader would not bother with it,

Wouldn't they just say: This Is Boring. Don't Read It? Or not publish it at all?

and doesn't even make clear who is involved: Johnson saves woman from 'oiks'

That blonde-haired geezer beaming from the page looks familiar. Might he be the Johnson in question?

Bear in mind the Home Secretary is also named Johnson.

So that's their game! And Alan's grey cow's lick is the, um, exact replica of Boris's blonde mop!

I'm sure if it was Ken Livingstone the BBC would have run it as their main story

For a whole week. And called him Supernewt.

and would clearly have identified who it was

How much more obscure could a photo of the humble Boris be?

and the heroics involved in the headline.

Yeah. Johnson Saves Woman… Sounds like cowardice on a bike. Goebbels would have been proud.


  1. Well David Vance is back THANK GOD! Hopefully he can attempt
    to pull on the tiller and save BBBC from drifting onto the rocks.
    And is it just coincidence he was in America during Key West's "Fantasy
    Fest" ?
    I'm not saying he was semi naked for the past week with swingers
    and homosexuals...But if he's got nothing to hide he should just deny
    it that's all.

  2. Truly superb, pity it's only a comment and does not 'reflect the views of b-bbc' - I live in hope

  3. I'm glad David Vance has returned.

    I missed his ranting Irishness, and look forward eagerly to reading his book, Unionism Decayed, or, Why I'd Like Violence To Be Perpetuated And Everyone Else Sold Out.

    I was worried that no-one would touch the thing and not publish it because it was hysterical sectarian nonsense, and so was sceptical of AuthorHouse Publishing, suspecting them to be a vanity publisher, or, scam artists that fleece the delusional of thousands of dollars.

    Thank God I went to the website, as it turns out they're not vanity publishers, but self-publishers. Phew! I await my copy eagerly, and hope to enjoy the front cover cartoon as much as I enjoy the large print.

  4. Magic Johnson. The Beeboids are trying to pretend that one of their multi-culti heroes saved a woman when it was really good old Anglo-Saxon (if part-Turkish) Boris. That makes me so mad!

  5. I went to the BBC site and all I see is a black man. It's Johnson from Peep Show.

    I know he's not real, but he feels bloody real.

    That's the magic of TV. That's how it all works.

  6. I personally thought the article was about Lyndon B Johnson, and was utterly disgusted that the BBC was so craven to the Obamessiah that it was willing to mislead us that a long-deceased Democrat president was doing good deeds in London.

  7. Jesus,

    I particularly liked the posts where here was plugging the book.

    Anyone remember the original redesign with the 'Meet your host Daaaaaaaaaaavid Vance' toolbar?

    Generally I find B-BBC to be like watching your dad dance at a wedding, blacked up.

  8. I really thought this was about a distraught woman whose self-confidence was saved by the use of beauty products from the Johnson & Johnson range. I am appalled both that I was misled into ignoring the London Mayor's heroism, and also because it is further proof that the BBC is in the direct control of the pharmaceutical industry, as mentioned on these pages recently.

    The only silver lining is that this clear reference to the value of beauty products will not go down well with the Feminazis at al-Beeb. We can expect a strong reaction from them any day soon!

  9. I've given David Vance's Unionism book a miss, but i'm loving his other books on amazon. His Heavenly Bodies 2010 Calender is in the post. :D

  10. I love this idea of David Vance as an author. You know why? Because David Vance's self-publishing shows us that in order to be successful, you don't have to mess about writing "copy" for years, go to "university", learn a "craft", conduct "interviews", mess about with "statistics", or "reference" things or have the "respect" of your "peers".

    All these things are tedious distractions on the path to truth and enlightenment. No, in order to be successful in your chosen field, all you have to do is pay thousands of dollars to a publishing company, run a blog based on the same principles as your book, and be in one place for a long time. It also helps if you confuse "TV" with "YouTube" on the back cover of your book.

    David Vance shows us the futility of "knowledge" and the crystal clarity of "opinion" when it comes to publish.

    David Vance, I salute you.

  11. The B-BBC bitching about this story is up there with the most ridiculous claims they've made. Which made me wonder; what is the most outlandish claim of bias made on B-BBC? We could have a competition, and a prize maybe - an audience with Martin. You get to sit and have a pint with him and put the world to rights.

    My vote would go to the notion that when the BBC refers to wahabbis in Saudi Arabia as 'conservative' Muslims, it's a subtle slur on the Tory party. I think I burst out laughing when I read that a while back.

  12. The thing that hooked me in was a gloriously grumpy hell-in-a-handcart posting which channelled the authentic whine of a distressed Home Counties snob, aghast at the modern world and especially offended by people from the north:

    Today, the news is read by excitable young folk with impenetrable regional accents who find it impossible to sit down while spouting forth in some hateful modern argot about some soap star's new hairstyle.

    Bugger all to do with bias, as ever, but it tells you so much about the B-BBC state of mind.

  13. The "conservative" thing came up a while ago in the context of Australia, where of course the conservative party is the Liberal Party. Someone had failed to grasp that there are no capital letters on the radio.