Monday, 2 November 2009

Turn On, Tune In, Find Bias.

What does Biased BBC think about the ousting of Government drugs advisor David Nutt?

The official line, from David Vance stand-in Robin Horbury, is that the BBC is showing clear bias and is firmly in Nutt's sack. The BBC is rooting for Professor Nutt for purely self-interested reasons:

making hard drugs legal so that the boys and girls at White City can have oodles of their favourite white powder and waccy baccy

Not all diehards are keen on this line, though. There is a surprising interest in synthetic thrills among the bias-hunting folk. Most confessional of all is Robert de Niro tribute act Travis Bickle:

Personally, I like to swallow great big fat handfuls of ecstacy every weekend.

Okaaaay....You are not obliged to say anything...

And I like a few lines of columbian marching powder up the old schnoz every now and then.

But anything you do say may be written down.

And I'm not going to be told not to have a bloody good time of it...

The criminal law. Just for pansies. And those we disagree with.

…and escape the miserable shithole that is Britain by getting off my face…

Supporting the narcotics trade is certainly a good way of making Britain a better place.

- by some fat, sweaty turds in Westminster.

Democracy is overvalued. What we need is a narco-state.

if the BBC are on the same side as me on this, then good for them.

Not quite sure that debating science-based policy is the same thing as supporting wholesale narcotics use...

They are a bunch of scrounging toss-rags that need to be executed immediately, but before they go can they please ensure I can still have a bloody good time every weekend.

Say hello to my leedle friend. (Al Pacino, but near enough.)


  1. Not to sound obsessed but Martin's contribution to this
    'debate' is as nuanced as you might expect. *SPOILERS* He does
    mention rent boys.

  2. I like the B-BBC notion that in order to qualify as a card carrying BBC employee you must snort copious amounts of cocaine.

  3. I think Martin went to far and it's now quite obvious he's a troll, he's been a bit quiet today

  4. Today, Steve Earle talking about a musician is just more evidence of left wing bias.

    Apparently Earle has been interviewed about his political views before. Because Earle has "left wing" views, this is unequivocal evidence the BBC is left wing.

    The BBC also regularly employs Melanie Phillips as a commentator. This, one is sure, is evidence the BBC is left wing. I'm not sure *how* yet, but I'm wholly confident that B-BBC can find a way to make the argument in due course.