Thursday, 19 November 2009

No Gay Two-Ways On Today

Fresh from building a case against the bias in a BBC correspondent's glinting eyes, Biased BBC breaks more exciting ground by detecting unrestrained man-on-man lust during a stroppy encounter between Lord Mandelson and Evan Davis on Today. The man with the gaydar ears was the redoubtable bias-hunter Umbongo:

The Davis-Mandelson interview was marked by the stomach-churning sparkiness of two gays enjoying a bit of a verbal nuzzle.

Well, it was a radio show. They've got to play it up a bit so we know what's going on.

Mandelson's appeal to Davis "with all love and respect" to be allowed to carry on uninterrupted with Labour propaganda quite upset my breakfast.

Hit them where it hurts. Ofcom Code, Section 49 viii: Compensation payments for involuntary loss of appetite, subsection (b) - gay stuff at breakfast time.

It reminded me of a similar (though far less politically charged) interview between Russell Harty and Dirk Bogarde

What a big memory you have. Harty died 21 years ago

both of whom couldn't wait to get off-screen and into the green room to share mutual revelations.

Is it remotely possible that you are fantasising this?

This is not anti-gay:

Hadn't crossed my mind. Really.

had the interview been between a man and a woman so obviously sexually attracted to one another, it would have been just as distasteful.

But could you force the All Bran down amid the grunts and the sighs?

However, the mutual attraction appeared to prevent the usually incisive Davis from pursuing his political prey with the thoroughness such an interview demands.

A new campaign slogan: No Gay Two-Ways On Today. Hooray!


  1. I'm sure there was a moment on the Val Doonican show back in the early 60s when Liberace gave him a fruity wink. I haven't been able to touch Mint Balls since.

  2. This was the interview that The Telegraph praised for getting under Mandleson's skin? And all B-BBC hear is some sort of lubed-up gay love-in.

  3. I found for years that I couldn't keep anything down if I tried to eat while Thought For The Day was on. Then I discovered that the blood of a cockerel killed at the crossroads at midnight goes down very nicely at ten to eight. Plus I find myself much more tolerant of UKIP since then.

  4. Personally, I find Mandelson's oleaginous tones quite the fillip if I need to get out of bed and get on with my life. Because if I remained there and actually listened to it I would, quite literally, will myself to death.

  5. I had a problematic breakfast too today. I found that I had run out of Frosties.

    I was most upset.

    Listening to the gay love in on the BBC would have tipped me over the edge.