Sunday, 1 November 2009

Evil Extortion-Terror HQ, SW1

The BBC, as all truth-seekers know, is always getting stuff out of proportion. It can't stop shilling for pointless things like fairness to Muslims, equality for gay people and the value of the Good Friday peace process in Ireland.

Biased BBC and its associates, on the other hand, always pitch stuff perfectly. Here, for instance, is a cool, even-handed take on a newsworthy event this weekend from David Vance's team of genius commentators. Can you guess which spawn of a murderous Satan Mr X is? And who the wretched young people snarled up in this tragedy might be?

He's a thief and senior apparatchik of a State which exists only to enforce the violence of collective power.

Fugitive from the nastiest parts of Eastern Europe? Top man in a vile narco-state?

While I'm not aware of the BNP ever forcing a Briton to give as much as a Pound, the entity which X serves will this year plunder, with menaces and violence,

Sounds more like the narco-state. But could be a terrorist grouping. FARC? Real IRA?

plunder… such a chunk of our income we will be dispossessed of £700billion.

Greedy Third World dictator scamming the aid budget?

While it does so, the wall of arbitrary rules to make us live our lives according to the whim of those dedicated to collective violence will be built higher and wider.

Tricky. Sounds like some hyper-powerful version of the pre-Good Friday Provos... punishment shootings, "collections" and all.

This is the life X has chosen for himself.

Some kind of terrorist narco-bandido supremo, for sure.

To those poor children who were co-opted by dysfunctional adults into a scheme which will never allow them to live productive, honest lives,

OK. They must be something like the corner kids in The Wire. Disaffected youth sucked into violent drug gangs.

I say go home and wipe today's memories from your minds.

Perhaps they witnessed a pistol-whipping? A stabbing? Or worse?

It may be the BNP is evil, but it wouldn't be alone.

No, sir. Perhaps someone should inform the social services and bring in the SAS to snare Mr X before we lift the lid on the hidden identities of Mr X and these terrorised kids:

Why…it's Mr Speaker from the House of Commons. And members of the Youth Parliament invited into the House to hold a debate.

Repeat after us, Pete Moore of A Tangled Web: Sense Of Proportion. Sense Of Proportion. Sense Of Proportion.


  1. I was under the impression that only elected bums could sit on those seats.

  2. John Bercow is rather a nice chap actually. I think many Tories dislike him because he's Jewish and a strain of anti-semitism still runs through some Tories. I wonder where that sits with B-BBC's obsession with trying to find BBC reports that portray Israel in a bad light.