Sunday, 8 November 2009

Save The Gays: Ban Islam.

From the conflagration of the Fort Hood tragedy arises the phoenix of hope. As ever, Biased BBC's leading social commentator Martin identifies the way forward:

I don't give a shit what Muslims do to each other in their own doss hole lands, but we should not tolerate Islam in the west.

Tolerance is wasted on the likes of them.

I'd totally ban Islam and anyone who didn't like that would either have to leave the UK or be jailed.

Jailing 2.4 million people: Piece of cake.

Trust me, at some point we in the UK will be nuked by Muslims, probably a dirty bomb, but it will happen.

When it does, you can be our own Dr Strangelove, Martin.

Wet camp liberals seem to suck up to Muslims, but do they really think that homosexuals and women would be well treated in an Islamic England?

The killer point. All the stronger when you consider the moral authority Biased BBC can muster on gay issues. And on women's place in the world.


  1. 'Trust me, at some point we in the UK will be nuked by Muslims, probably a dirty bomb, but it will happen'

    This is the odd thing about some of these people on the hard right; they seem to take a perverse joy in anticipating terrorist attacks. When one happens, the response is very much 'ah ha, told you so'. Similar thing here; it's like Martin wants Islamic terrorists to nuke a city somewhere - purely to justify everything he has been saying. Fucked up.

  2. It's time for a campaign against the MSM

    All of them are pro-Islam, from the BBC through the Daily Mail to the Sun

    What the fudge.

  3. Not having articles titled '101 Best Ways to Kill Muslims On a Budget' or 'How would Lady Di have killed muslims' is proof that the Daily Mail is 100% pro Muslim and is probably sending out coded messages for Bin Laden via the Femail section.

  4. There's a key irony that Vance misses; he hates minority voices or issues getting play on the BBC, yet in the next breathe he complains that his own (minority) opinions aren't given enough airtime! You can't make it up.....

  5. Martin must be on his way to becoming an internet star. The rest of the regulars can only aspire to his level of rage when it comes to turds, people of colour, and, well anything really.