Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Listening to theparanoidwithin

It is hard living with the knowledge that our national broadcaster takes its orders directly from Hamas HQ (and from the Gay Village on cultural matters).

But final control of all our mainstream media lies with even darker and more powerful forces, and the Biased BBC collective knows all about it. Just why does the BBC bang on so much about swine flu vaccination? Do you need it spelling out in used hypodermics, thicko?

We are grateful to the ever-reliable Pete Moore, one of David Vance's Tangled Web blowhards star writers. Here's his ground-breaking piece, HERE COME THE NUTTERS WITH NEEDLES.

Mass swine flu vaccinations are expected to be extended to all children under the age of 18 by the end of the year, reports the Telegraph.

Where do I sign little Jimmy up?

Truly, we are governed by sick people.

Have they done without the jab to let our kids go first? Bless!

The government wants to take your child, jab a needle in their arm and inject them with a vaccine

It's a big building full of patients, but that's not important right now…

despite evidence in the US that, until now, only a small fraction who were said to have the dread disease didn't even have flu at all.

Possibly. Or possibly not. Still, better safe than sorry. Oh, what's this?

"By 1853, Parliament began passing laws to make the untested vaccine compulsory throughout the British Empire. Other countries of Europe followed suit. Once the economic implications of compulsory vaccinations were realized, few dared to disagree."

The benefits of ending, oooh, smallpox and cholera as mass killers were minor considerations.

"Then, as now, the media were controlled by the vaccine manufacturers and the government, who stood to make huge money from the sale of these spurious vaccines…"

Killer point, Pete. And who is this distinguished man of medical letters that you quote so enthusiastically?

Tim O'Shea, DC

Whose website says we should not trust science, but listen to thedoctorwithin.

This website seeks to draw from the forgotten wisdom of the past, and to honor its simplicity.

Must go, it's end of tax year soon and I have to listen to theaccountantwithin.


  1. No surprise that yesterday's keynote piece on Biased BBC compared the Corporation's coverage of science-based policy unfavourably with that distinguished medical writer Melanie Phillips. Mel's greatest claim to scientific fame is, of course, her extraordinary determination to cling on to the discredited MMR-autism scare, long after its progenitor, Andrew Wakefield, had been thoroughly discredited. Perhaps Mr Moore and Melanie P should be parachuted in to the BBC to provide some rational science/health reporting instead of the shameful failures the Beeb currently employs?

  2. Fuck science. And more importantly, fuck Moore and fuck Phillips.

    Ew, I got a rash thinking about that.

    Fuck them all. Let them not vaccinate their kids, themselves and then let natural selection take its course. It's the only way to be sure that my kids won't be bothered by his kids talking the same kind of shit he does.

  3. Why do these right wingers flirt with conspiracy theories when left wing governments are in office? All these 'swine flu is Obamas fault' people constantly defended Bush and his govt. for 8 years, but now it's open season apparently. We've had a decade of these conspiracy types on the fringe here.

  4. mr a., to be fair to Pete Moore - just this once - he's been spunking out this kind of crap since the middle of 2006. I don't know if it was in preparation for the rise of the American Left or whatever bollocks he currently believes in, or just because he decided that moment was ripe to drop his cuntbubblry all over a new blog, but Pete Moore has always been batshit insane.


  5. Didn't know that ALWAYS started in 2006. Fancy that.

  6. It doesn't if you read the fucking words properly.


  7. 'Cuntbubblry' may just be my new favourite word.

  8. "Do not let any doctor or nurse with government instructions to stick a needle into your child anywhere near them"

    Well colour me surprised that he didn't know that a tin foil hat warded off even meddling physicians. What kind of two bit conspiracy site is Vance running. Honest to God, you just can't get the staff these days.

  9. In fairness there is little point getting this particularly vaccine - the various governments overreacted and had to follow it through, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that there is little need to get this one (thedoctorwithin not being one, however)

    I can't blindly trust a state that contradicts and then sacks it's medical advisers