Sunday, 8 November 2009

Our New Motto: Marginalise & Repatriate

Biased BBC is making rapid progress with new policy after the Fort Hood tragedy. The baton has passed to long-term poster Allan@Aberdeen who finds the lessons of history can teach us much.

And we learn just who the greatest traitors are, and how we can best deal with them. (Clue: Look no further than Shepherd's Bush)

Muslims can easily be dealt with because they are not like us...

Probably best to pin something on their clothes just in case. Yellow crescents?

…and can be marginalised...

Excellent idea. Perhaps they could be made to sleep on the hard shoulders of our Motorways?

...and repatriated if we awaken in time,

Get yourself an alarm clock and get on with it.

but the bastards who let them in and protect them to our detriment are of us and are therefore traitors.

Name these treacherous Brits! Enough is enough!

The BBC is the mouthpiece of treason: it's not just simple bias any more.

Do they still have the death penalty for treachery? Heads On Poles, what do you think?

It's those that dictate policy that need to feel some cold piano wire in my opinion

I'll get the gallows ready. Or will lamp-posts do?

Update: Allan@Aberdeen has helpfully identified the party which will get the job done.

the only opposition to this is a relative fringe party which is growing in strength. Do the only thing left to a patriot and back the BNP.


  1. One of David Vance's favourite themes is about victim culture aka race-hustling. Perhaps it is time for the nation's Muslims to wake up to the fact that calls to marginalise them, intern them and forcibly repatriate them (presumably back to the British maternity wards where many of them were born)is all well-intentioned and for the common good. Any complaining will just be further race-hustling (or possibly religion-hustling).

  2. It's quietly satisfying to see B-BBC slowly dying and just become just another BNP-lite clone.
    Quite a while back, I posted a idea to act as an agent-provocateur and that the bigots on B-BBC would just not be able to help themselves.
    Well, I'm here to say that I was too lazy, but it appears that "Martin" has done it. No proper debate about the BBC, just conspiracy theories, ignorance and hate. Martin's latest fantasy/wheeze is to machine-gun down the employees of the BBC, a la Fort Hood.
    I may leave it a little bit, then start posting my own "solutions" based on the Nuremberg Laws and Operation Reinhard, with just a minimal amount of editing, ie "British" for "German" and "Mooslim" for "Jew". They just won't be able to help themselves, even though they've read this. Any suggestions as to my moniker: "TruBrit" is just rubbish.

  3. @Opinionated.
    Don't get yourself barred from B-BBC by replying to this personally. Like you said, you'd have to find a new hobby.

  4. @Apricot

    I spent a lot of time reading far-right pages at one time. The word Saxon is very popular. Can't think why...

  5. 8.15am











    and various comments, someone tell me how this guy makes a living?

  6. As well as commenting on his own site, he is also commenting on slugger otoole









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  7. I once tried posting on B-BBC to try and broaden their horizons - try to analyse and debate the issues in a proper context. Naturally I was told I was a leftie, a beeboid, and basically told to eff off. All for trying to raise the tone... Everyone who disagrees with them is a far left 'beeboid', apparently. Came as news to me - a life long Tory voter.

    Truth is they like all the nastiness, the bitterness, the pseudo racism. Its how many of the people who post there get their kicks. Its stress relief. They don't give a toss about politics; they are like 16 year olds who rant and rave. They got to the level of basic knowledge on most matters, and assume/make up/copy the rest. Ironic as they often bitch about student types...

  8. Agree on the "basic knowledge" point. Some of them come over as unhappy with their lot but unable to understand why their lives have come up a bit short.

    But the inability to articulate their own ideas in itself suggests the answer - that they lack the education to have been any more successful. If the typical B-BBCer was less dim in the first place, they wouldn't espouse the views they do.

    This doesn't bother Vance, whose role is the equivalent of the older teenager who hangs around outside the school gates a couple of years after leaving because these are the only people who will let him be a leader.

  9. It's essentially an intellectual politics of envy, hence why there's so much vitriol on these blogs directed at the mythical 'mainstream media'. I'm guessing this is why so many posts look like the poster has been through a thesaurus first - individuals who have never managed to have their incoherent ramblings printed in the letters papers of proper papers.

    I don't think you need to be an expert to hold a valid opinion, as long as you've done your homework in a rational approach. In their world it's black and white, so why would you ever look for balance? Empathy is a weakness presumably. If they are the alternative I'll take my chances with the 'expert' elite over them any day.

    The irony of course - given their proclamations - is that such anti-intellectualism defined much of the USSR.

  10. Conker's Mate9 November 2009 at 22:33

    I tend to avoid any blogs where any of the following words frequently come up:

    liblabcon trick

    And that's not a reflection on my political leanings mind; I'd love to see Brown gone and a new government. It's these bizarre childish terms that I hate. Like the mean kid on the playground - y know hes thick, but he's loud, and somehow considered worthy of some level of respect.

  11. "This doesn't bother Vance, whose role is the equivalent of the older teenager who hangs around outside the school gates a couple of years after leaving because these are the only people who will let him be a leader."

    This made me laugh all morning. I imagine him in a leather jacket, with an air of superiority about him.

    An alternate imagery analysis might involve Vance being sectioned, and becoming the leader of the asylum. He's a bit smarter than the rest, and you never know what his true motives are, but all the other retarded kids look up to him for guidance and wisdom.

  12. Oh dear. They're reduced to discussing the same online article (about Mooslim's obnov) twice and Mr Vance has also taken to deleting comments he doesn't agree with (by Scott M, thank you for playing!) while commenting on the now vanished comments themselves.
    I'm almost tempted to start commenting myself, the whole place is looking a bit sad and threadbare.
    Mind you, election coming up,I'm sure that will be just the tonic for 'em.

  13. And ironically, the comment he deleted but then commented on was in response to Phil's "As a young adult I used to wonder how the movers and shakers of demented societies like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia became convinced of the truth of their ideas to the extent that they banned any opposition to them."

    All I said was, "Have you thought of asking David Vance?"

    I suppose I should be thankful that he proved my point for me...

  14. If it's any consolation, I've just been deleted for writing: How dare Scott say what he said? What did he just say?

    I'm sure I deserve it.

  15. It's like overhearing a telephone conversation these days.

  16. A predictable and rather limited conversation at that;

    How many " muslim leaders " have condemned the murders ? "

    Well, Grant. Shedloads according to Google.

  17. Striking that there are better comments in this one thread than the whole B-BBC blog

    I like you, Fez, am a Tory voter (or was, these days) - but I am apparently a 'weird sort of tory' and that was in response to a simple logical question, I wasn't even defending the beeb

    I also 'preach from the lefty gospel' - still waiting for those examples of when I quoted Marx...