Saturday, 28 November 2009

You Get The Cattle Trucks. I'll Get A Bullwhip.

A bracing view of what politics could be has just surfaced on that oasis of common sense, David Vance's Irish blog. Staunch contributor Pete Moore offers a few simple ideas to straighten out the visa system for Pakistani students entering Britain.

Brown was droning on just a couple of weeks ago about how Afghanistan/Pakistan is the source of terror threats in this country,

Good idea for a new campaign: Speech lessons for the PM. Wonder if Rik Mayall is free?

therefore are soldiers must stay in Afghanistan.

Are soldiers? Few quid spent on literacy might not go amiss, either.

So of course thousands of locals are still pouring into the UK - well done, New Labour voters.

Don't mention it.

The case for a complete halt to all immigration, without exceptions, from either country, is impeccable

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the brightest young Pakistanis through the education system of a liberal democracy? Much better for the war on extremism if they're educated in a strict Muslim universe.

along with a programme of mass deportations.

If you say so. Though there are an awful lot to shift. What we need is a Heydrich, or at least an Eichmann. Do you fancy it?

The case for voting for any party which will not do this simply does not exist.

The case for investing in companies making electric prods, cattle trucks and razor wire sounds very strong indeed. Win-win all round, Pete.


  1. Just wondering about the mechanics of these mass deportations: Would they need volunteers to perform the round-ups? And where might these people come from? Would we order the police and army to do it, at gunpoint if people were unwilling? What if people had British husbands, wives or children? Would we just tear them from them? What if the countries you took them to refused to land them? How would we deal with any property they owned in the UK?

    Perhaps we should pen them into designated areas, and once they were safely fenced off, we could work out what to do from there.

  2. Pffft, whatever the complexities the point is B-BBC are ready to DO SOMETHING. They'll grab the guns. And get a little mini-stiffy at the same time.

  3. God. There's a B-BBC story on the top of the blog right now that links to some climate change report from New Zealand
    The actual title of which is pretty much "why the raw data tells a different story to the official one"
    Let's be very clear about what this is saying. Raw data is the truth. But if you start to do "science" then you are manipulating and distorting.
    It's not as obvious as the Obama Birther stuff, but I think it is even more stupid and even dangerous.

  4. No, you see, proponents of climate change are in full retreat. Which is why... which is why...

    ...sorry, proponents of climate change, on the internet, are...

    ...yes, the IPCC has disbanded because internet message boards are overflowing with the unemployed, the unemployable and the truly batshit insane saying that it's all a conspiracy, all ETSs are now moribund, we're drilling Antarctica for black gold and it's all glad to a few noisy retards on the blogs.

    They really do mistake the internet for reality, don't they.