Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The BNP's Next Recruits: Non-Native Patriots.

Biased BBC has warmly welcomed the intervention of the retired military chaps who wrote to today's Times, objecting to the BNP "hi-jacking the good name of the British military".

Or perhaps not.

Soothsayer and multicutural expert Cassandra King leads the charge:

The grubby smears against the BNP will backfire hugely against the peddlers of this gross smear.

Have you used the word smear often enough? Perhaps we could call the Generals smeary peddlers?

Lets get something straight here, whatever their faults the BNP are loyal and proud British people

(Tear silently falls)

and when the membership list opens to all races then that list will expand hugely.

I think we all look forward to the colourful multicultural carnival at next year's Red, White & Blue Festival. Will Nick Griffin and his chums explore the hip-hop workshop first, or take the kids down to the Bollywood Dance Class?

Racism is fact highly subjective,

Some of my best friends are highly subjective.

its true meaning lost in an unthinking blizzard of political spite,

I remembered to bring my snow-goggles. The BNP still look racist, I'm afraid.

BTW untill all forms of racism is openly talked about in a free atmosphere the BNPs support base will grow.

Of course! People only flock to the BNP because no-one ever mentions that other people can be prejudiced.

My assertion that non native patriots will be joining the BNP is only a hunch,

What about native patriots with slightly darker skins?

I could well be wrong but maybe time will tell on that score.

While we wait, I'm putting a tenner against at Ladbroke's. Just for fun.

What is racism and what is acceptable racism and what is not acceptable racism, who has a rright to be racist and who doesnt?

Ppolitical pparties ttrying to rrepresent the BBritish ppeople pprobably shouldn't be rracist. What do you think, CCassie?

These questions are valid and untill some effort is made to address them I feel we will stay in a rut of our own making.

You'll be voting BNP in Rutland then?


  1. They're confused between being angry at the news and angry at the BBC. Again!
    And as for the "Generals should not interfere with politics", aren't the generals in question EX-forces?

    You couldn't make it up ... actually, yes you could, but why do they bother?

  2. "They're confused between being angry at the news and angry at the BBC"

    Or, just confused and angry. Always.

    Nice to see Laban back to his old race hustling ways, though, today.

    How dare nobodies like Richard Dannatt and Charles Guthrie tell us that the BNP is unBritish. What about the Labour party and their dhimmi plans to sell us all into bondage {Down, Martin!] when the next Caliphate springs out of downtown Piddlehinton.

  3. There is some degree of support for the BNP amongst B-BBC regulars, but by and large they probably aren't that political to even go and bother voting. They are the miserable classes. The bitchers. Complainers. Express readers. Whingers. They know what's wrong, they love to tell everyone how fucked up things are. They just don't bother to go out and actually even get involved in making things better. At least BNP types are actually involved in the political process (white supremacists though they are).

  4. @Rab - Yabbut wouldn't it be better all round if the BNP types weren't involved in the political process? If they just confined themselves to wearing white hoods and meeting in secret to tell each other that they didn't like darkies? What's more, I'm pretty sure that B-BBC is a rich recruiting ground for the BNP and its ilk. What we really need is a comparison between the membership lists of both organisations.

  5. You think Biased BBC is funny, go to David Icke forums. That is where the real weirdos and nutters hang out. Genuine hilarity.

  6. What will the swivel-eyed loons at B-BBC make of the Beeboids' strong defence of their decision to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time, in the face of Zanuliebour opposition? I can't wait to see how they spin this.

  7. "They're confused between being angry at the news and angry at the BBC"

    I think that one sentence sums up the entire premise of Biased BBC. I believe it is called 'shooting the messenger'.