Friday, 2 October 2009

Leave It, Dave. They Just Ain't Wurf It.

Fresh from helping to foment a redneck rebellion on his Irish blog, Biased BBC's head honcho David Vance turns his omniscient gaze to dramatic criticism this morning. It's a rich seam.

Bias is a curious beast.

Isn't it just?

I don't watch Eastenders

Surely you must have a microsecond or two between bursts of spray-painting the internet with your every thought? Then again, maybe not…

but I believe that London Mayor Boris Johnson made a cameo appearance in "The Vic".

Who, pray, are these soi-disant EastEnders?

Big deal, eh?

If you say so.

Well, it bothers the BBC who ran an item on it this morning...

Orders from central command c.c. Sir Michael Lyons & Ben Bradshaw: All outlets must mention EastEnders/Boris. Typical!

…pointing out that a/ Their hero Red Ken never got on despite seeking appearances,

Typical pro-Tory bias. (Can that be right?)

b/ That Boris was "a national joke"

Are you sure that that was The BBC's opinion?

and c/ Is this how we are going to treat "our coming Tory masters"?

A serious admission from the save-Gordon-at-any-cost Beeboids, surely?

d/ It was all simply too awful.

Well, it was EastEnders.

Let's re-wind: The BBC, which makes EastEnders, apparently turned down Ken Livingstone for a cameo in the Walford soap. You maintain that The BBC is upset that Their hero Red Ken never got on the show.

So The BBC is complaining that The BBC did not allow Ken Livingstone to appear on The BBC's most popular programme, whilst The BBC allowed Boris Johnson to do so. Am having trouble working out who is the hero and who is the whinger in that scenario. Perhaps you can help?

And the critique of Boris's turn - and the joke about our Tory masters - came not from the BBC itself but from the TV critic of The Times, whose hands-on owners, the Murdochs, are vociferously opposed to the BBC's existence.

Outstanding. Give yourself a break. If you can.


  1. Man, I didn't think even the Vance could spin Boris Johnson's cameo on Eastenders as pro-Labour spin. He's really outdone himself on this one.

  2. Given BBC bias is apparently fed down from on high as a coherent and persistant approach to every aspect of life... how does this happen?

  3. David Vance watches Eastenders? With gays in it? And Brown people?

    Whatever next eh?

    He's got another please be polite thread up, doesn't want their enemies to get ammunition to throw. Ahhhhh......!!!! Like anyone could ever run out of ammo with those guys!!!!!

  4. So Boris Johnson appearing on Eastenders was the BBC showing pro-Labour bias.

    And no doubt an appearance by "their hero Red Ken" would also have been pro-Labour bias.

    If I didn't know that Mr Vance was a serious and well-respected social commentator it'd be very easy to take his comments as evidence that he is an obsessed loon whose website is massively counter-productive to his anti-BBC crusade.