Saturday, 17 October 2009

You Talkin' To Me, Mohammed?

Perhaps the most admirable thing about the Biased BBC faithful is their sheer bloody determination to see another shitty day through, despite the agony of existence in Gor-doom Brown's ZanuLiebour hell-hole.

Just reading their State Of The Nation pronouncements has been known to send well-adjusted Lottery winners off to the Dignitas clinic.

Today we pay tribute to two champions of the Hell-in-a-turbocharged-handcart genre, prophetess Cassandra King and Robert de Niro wannabe Travis Bickle:

Cassandra King writes: White native British Christians now live in apartheid state where we enjoy less freedoms and rights than the foreign islamists who wish to destroy us.

I was just thinking that, standing at the Whites-Only bus stop. How I miss sitting in the nice seats. And living with my family. But Master Abjoul he done be very kind to me.

The enemy walks among us right here in the UK, they feed off our social systems, they sponge off our generosity and take advantage of our laws while they plot and scheme against us.

Never fear. The rest of Biased BBC wants to bomb Bradford...

The islamist enemy is helped and encouraged by the government while they spread their hatred and poison against us,

The Ministry of Caliphate Advancement was a mistake. Even Mandelson accepts that.

we live in a truly perverted and warped time!

Under-selling it a bit, but otherwise excellent, Cassandra. What do you reckon, Travis Bickle?

Cassandra, I agree totally but I don't think muslims have realised how 'infected' they are becoming by the indigenous Brit.

Wow. This is original.

The sheer idleness, indifference, selfishness and gluttony of the British is something that most muslims adopt wholesale, as it is in perfect parallel with their own religion.

See, we can all get along just fine. In our slothful ways.

When the time finally comes for them all to rise up and vanquish the infidel in the name of Allah, so absorbed will they be by the British attitudes, you will see hundreds of thousands of them throwing mass sickeys, or staying in to watch the finals of Big Brother or just generally making excuses about how they'd love to attend the uprising but they've got to get up early in the morning and besides there's never anywhere to park in these uprisings and it would mean them having to go all the way round the M25 to get there.

That's the most reassuring thing I've read all day. You talkin' to me, Mohammed?


  1. Dear Cassandra if you want to express your superiority to the Mooslim hoards at least learn the difference between "less" and "fewer"
    You can't even speak English let alone "defend" it.

  2. Dave, you can 't mention that without her breathless protestations that she is dyslexic, ill-educated and has a tough and woeful life *puts back of hand to forehead*

    For some reason we should be taking the word of someone who has read a load of blogs on climate change rather than have any scientific qualifications. But you know those scientists are all part of the big global climate change conspiracy. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    The kneejerk reactionism of B-BBC really detracts from the more considered posts by the likes of Cockney (who rarely posts now). I remember a statement by one individual that there isn't a single charity that does any good. Not a word of ridicule from regulars. The funny thing is they often criticise the BBC for group-think...

  3. Jeez how NuLiaBore is that? *whines* It's not me. I don't bear responsibility for my actions it was me upbringing, guvnor. Don't blame me blame my teachers, parents, pre-exisiting medical condition.

  4. I don't know how most of them get out of bed in the mornings.

    Everything's going wrong: All politicians are swindlers, pimps and liars; Dear old Auntie has become a terrifying Trotskyist-Taliban megaphone; Family-hating gays run everything else, and poor, decent white folks are being ground into to the dirt to appease our scary, yet secret, Muslim overlords.

    Do drugs help, or is pounding away on the keyboard all the therapy Travis needs?