Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sandi's Gay Quarters

Hugh Oxford, the man who thinks life gets worse for homosexuals as they get more rights, continues to perform a valuable service for Biased BBC: Spotting Pink Plots among the dense jungle of programme listings.

The News Quiz

A radio programme.

Sandi Toksvig chairs.

You can buy them at IKEA. In Denmark.

The panel includes Jeremy Hardy, Paul Sinha and Sue Perkins.

Might be worth a listen.

3/4 homosexuals.

Presumably they're each a quarter straight, then...

That's "diversity" for you.

Let's campaign for a quota: One gay for every nine straights? Or Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Oh, wait…Perkins didn't actually appear. Replaced by two heterosexuals, Hugo Rifkind and Miles Jupp.

A close call, though, for the nation's well-being. Thank God for men like Hugh.

And Biased BBC.

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  1. I think Hugh has a problem with the idea of gays having a sense of humour. Didn't he want to know why the BBC weren't trumpeting the news of Matt Lucas's ex-husband's suicide? His message appeared to be that gay relationships = despair, and that the BBC conspires to keep that a secret as part of its attempts to sell us the so-called homosexual lifestyle. The idea of homosexuals being entertaining must sound to him like a false notion.