Sunday, 18 October 2009

Feminine Protection. With Wingnuts.

Even if The BBC started taking its bulletins straight from Fox News and its opinions from the Israeli Embassy, there would still be unfinished Biased BBC business. Something Must Be Done about Feminazis.

They have their own show - Woman's Hour - on Radio 4, and it's proof of a veritable constellation of bias all over the broadcasting spectrum. Apparently.

B-BBC Iron Man David Vance set the balls rolling:

By the way, why is there not a "Men's Hour"?

Good question. Here's the manly Robert de Niro tribute act Travis Bickle. He's bound to know:

Why would we need a Men's hour?

Because men get such a raw deal everywhere. Surely?

The whole point of woman's hour is that it keeps a bunch of po-faced, middle class, menopausal bints distracted while their husbands 'take the dog for a walk'.

Here, boy! Walkies!

Taking the dog for a walk being a euphimism for 'banging a prozzie.'

Oh. Does Rover get to watch?

Men's hour courtesy of the limp wristed elite that run the BBC would be all about...

Fast cars and big noisy machines? Football? Action movies?

Wimmin's issues! And how us men can fawn, scrape and ingratiate ourselves further too them.

How is Mrs Bickle?

Legendary social commentator Martin has his doubts, too:

As for a mens hour, god could you imagine what it would be like?

Top Gear?

camp left wing nonces talking about how their heels kill them and are leather trousers OK for cycling.

Sounds right up your street, Marty. Perhaps we could get some rent boys to present it, seeing as you're so obsessed with them?

No thanks

Oh, look, there's Jo Brand on Radio Five. Let's see how well the new civilised Biased BBC is working: What do you reckon to Jo, Martin?

a fat ugly wart faced smelly white barking mad old lesbian.

Every insult a freshly-minted one. Time to Walk The Dog.


  1. I'm afraid that sometimes the BBC themselves go Courting trouble from Vance and his friends. Perhaps this site will come to the aid of the BBC on the content of the live link, but as even New Labour M.P.s find this ridiculous, it could well be a litmus test of where this blog actually stands..

    Attacking Vance because of Biased BBCs content, or just left wing sympathisers, happy to pay homage to the self righteous State broadcaster.

  2. Hmmmm...I'm struggling slightly to see that Cbeebies deciding to change the words of a nursery rhyme really demonstrates "the reporting bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation", but no doubt some erudite commentator will be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that this change was ordered by the BBC specifically to please the homosexual feminist Muslims from Hamas, who are busy dictating all BBC policy.

  3. Poor Vance has been threatened on his ATW blog by a fellow known as 'Azir', who has had an e mail response from squarespace to his e mail about some comments concerning the koran. This fellow 'Azir' has got all hot and bothered that Vance actually had the temerity to edit a comment on his Irish blog. Some criticism does go a little far when you involve squarespace over one comment and call the whole site racist. I'm not sure it is racist, I don't read it enough, though I can't for the life of me see squarespace do anything about it over one comment.

    The 'Azir' fellow is a little over-zealous.

    woof woof

    I think Vance is worth the licence fee on his own, all this entertainment he is providing who needs to walk the dog or have sex with 'prozzies'? Is 'prozzie' a welsh term perhaps? Scots? Irish? Ulster-Scots? Or some other foreign language reference?

  4. Anon - I was under the impression that the BBC are in bed with Labour

    at all times!

  5. Voice Of Reason:

    Are you a reincarnation of the News Of The Worlds Woodrow Wyatt who has now returned to this Earth as a left wing fucktard? - All in the name of politically correct equality of course.

  6. Anon 21.06:

    CBBC can replace every nursery rhyme with William Blake for all I care. It has bugger all to do with BBC bias.

    Anon 21.23:

    Vance denying racism after cheering on his B-BBC troops with their Bomb-Bradford singalong is par for the course. His commitment to free speech is as deep as his thin skin. Do you not think?

    Anon 22.07:

    You're in the running for next month's Martin Memorial Award for pointless personal abuse.

  7. Hasn't the idea for this blog been tried out somewhere before incorporating New Labour moon bat Terry Kelly into Terry Watch?

    Is there anything on Earth that Socialists wont steal?

  8. "Is there anything on Earth that Socialists wont steal?"
    You do realise the entire interwebs as we know them was created and then given away for free? Sounds bloody Socialist to me.

  9. I've never got this - why are elites always ineffectual, limp-wristed etc, in the eyes of someone who is almost certainly unemployed/underemployed?

    I propose a new theme: B-BBC certainties about the BBC - that everyone will have gone to a public school, that they all live in a tiny area of Islington etc etc

  10. Ex-Anon

    Had a little go at that very point in an early post. Here it is.

    Feel free to draft a sharper take. My email address is on the user profile.

  11. Thanks to one of the Anons for the Terry Kelly link. He's clearly one outstanding communicator. I particularly enjoyed this:

    They could not allow a mercy appeal for medical aid for suffering children in Gazza after its partial destruction by Israel

    I had no idea that the former Newcastle striker was pregnant, never mind being bullied by Israel. And did the MSM tell us any of this? Well did they?

  12. I posted a few times under the moniker Roland Thompson-Gunner and got slagged as ex-public school by someone too thick to realize it could only be a board name!

  13. Isn't Roland the unforgettable character - in headless form - of a magnificent Warren Zevon song?

  14. So he's a *fictional* public schoolboy who is part of the bum-broadening liberal elite? Ah, that make a lot more sense.

  15. "part of the bum-broadening liberal elite" ?
    I may get that put on a t-shirt

  16. Zevon's The Man! I see yer average B-BBC loyalist as something like the enlightened characters in his "Play it All Night Long".