Thursday, 1 October 2009

Grizzly Man

Not the least of David Vance's many qualities as El Supremo at Biased BBC is his ability to choose classy friends.

Latest in the roll of, erm, honour are a husband and wife team of bloggers from Philadelphia, who were today given a slot on Mr Vance's Irish blog... to call for the overthrow of the US Government.

Grizzly Mama/Troll, as they style themselves, treated Vance's readers to a chunk of the Declaration of Independence and then some of the most contentious analysis since Comical Ali claimed the Americans would surrender as their tanks closed in on his capital.

According to the Grizzlies, Obama is guilty of seizing the Banking Industry… 2/3rds of the Auto Industry….The banning of the production of the very blood that allows the country to live.

Don't be fooled that the President is trying to allow poor Americans some chance of fair access to health care: He is forcing Millions into subhuman care.

Then it's Apocalypse Now: Jefferson, Franklin and Adams are rolling in their graves at the monstrosity that sits in power over the people.

What to do about this, um, monstrosity?

They have taken authorities never granted them, and it is getting near time to end the Tyranny.

Yee-haw! We got ourselves a Confederacy!

A clue to the Grisly Grizzlies' quality lies in the accumulating bathos of their replies to debaters. (Even David Vance's trustees don't like the sound of insurrection against a democratically-elected Government). The Grizzlies try to use the word privilege several times, with increasingly wayward results:

a privalage granted by the state

a PRIVILAGE GRANTED by the state

a privilage granted by the state

a privalidge granted by the state

the privaledge they have granted

The Grizzlies join a select menagerie of David's blogging chums:

Martin: The most persistent, maniacal voice on B-BBC, hurling turd-spattered abuse at friend and foe alike

Grumpy Old Twat, an enabler of the revamped B-BBC blog who recently acted as cheerleader to a chorus of gutter abuse heaped on the grieving head of Madeleine McCann's mother.

All Seeing Eye, who set up the new B-BBC comments system and takes responsibility for blogs named Jacqui Smith Is A Cunt and …Is A Cunt.

Perhaps it's time to remind ourselves of David Vance's modest claim for the good nature of Biased BBC:

B-BBC is and shall remain a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.

Indeed. Who next to lecture Britain's public broadcaster on the morality of its behaviour? Can the Unabomber be far away?


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  2. Weren't these anti-govt. types the sort of people vance and chums despised during the Bush years? They were degraded as paranoid conspiracy theorists, or anti-patriotic types. But now, as Obama is in, they somehow rally round these lunatics?

    Honestly, you couldn't parody these people. You could try, but reality would be funnier than the fiction every time.

  3. How bizarre that Vance invites a troll to post on his own patch. Vance's own commentariat have even smoked out this one. Normally Vance fears the creatures with a passion, censoring and banning all in his sights - I see on BBBC another faced the Vance treatment today:

    David Vance:

    Scott M,

    You're a little bore who merely trolls here. I have no interest in engaging with you, your presence is not required, run away and take your toys with you. Got it? As for deleting your posts, do you really think that you are that important? Your IP is banned, I know you dodge around that, smart boy. But not THAT smart - now go away and stay away.

  4. I"m tempted to create an account to post and use a firm pair of manly abs for my icon. Just cause I know Martin's eyes will keep drifting to the picture when he reads B-BBC.

  5. When will the coup come, I wonder? The moment when Lord Vance shifts from being a mildly polemic swivel-eyed loon to a grossly embarrassing he's-really-been-a-racist-bigot-all-this-time liability? Perhaps time off writing his masterpiece may save him.

    Natalie barely blogs anywhere. Laban pops in now and then to race hustle from the comfort of the (almost completely white) Dorset countryside, Ed the teaching assistant isn't blessing us with his nuggets of wisdom (Gawd 'elp the children). Aw, the good old days when they at least made a token effort to back up their claims and didn't just fart peas at the moon.

    I'm liking the new bunch more. Sure, they're still cut from the same mould ("I saw something I disliked on TV and THAT MEANS IT'S BIAS) but they have the refreshing enthusiasm of the newly installed before they realise that their commentariat is almost exclusively composed of unemployed mouthbreathers drawn from the ranks of obscure hasbara internet forums and the BNP's lesser thinkers.

  6. He can ban IPs?

    Does that mean he's tracking all of us?

  7. Given Mr Vance's loathing of all those who took arms against Ulster's form of Government, you might think he'd have a special distaste for anyone suggesting, as Mr & Mrs Grizzly do, a Revolution against the newly-elected US Government. Yet he gives them a platform. Why would that be?

  8. The Grizzles I think are here, I googled 'grizzly mama troll' and up they popped. My god what ever you do please go to their site!!!

    Those infidels are hillarious.

  9. Martin's Rent Boy Lover4 October 2009 at 17:31

    I just wanna say that you're all wrong, and if we don't stop the dangerous bias of the BBC now, it will get so bad that we will all become homosexual communist muslims and Britain as we know it will end for ever.

    Don't say I didn't warn you when you worship the taleban, teaching us all about gay rights on the BBC.

  10. Thanks for the link!

    Grizzly Mama AND The City Troll