Thursday, 22 October 2009

Teddy Bear's Nitpick

It's not just the security guards at TV Centre who have been having problems with Nick Griffin's invitation onto Question Time. Biased BBC finds itself in a bind, too.

How does the BNP appearance fit with the B-BBC worldview that al-Beeb is controlled by gay Muslim Commies?

Here's their best stab at it, from Teddy Bear, who also runs the Biased-BBC Forum, a strange parallel world of bias-hunting, which is as dull and pedantic as Biased BBC is angry and paranoid dignified and coolly analytical:

I have been wondering recently why the BBC invited the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, to appear on Question Time this evening.

Can't be that he's now an MEP. That would be too obvious.

They had no obligation to do so, an despite appeals from concerned people and politicians to reconsider, they have decided to push ahead.

How dare the BBC defy Peter Hain, Alan Johnson and, ahem, Ken Livingstone? (Are you sure, Teddy? Biased BBC usually hates them.)

It occurs to me that besides the fact that the BBC have certainly boosted publicity for themselves, since most of the news media and bloggers are following the story, but I believe they have another motive.

BBC Worldwide franchise on Nick Griffin action figures?

They continually refer to the BNP as 'Right Wing' even though that itself is a bone of contention, and was questioned recently by Daniel Hannan at the Telegraph.

Oh, yes, Hannan: The man who says the NHS was a terrible mistake.

With this in mind, I see that the BBC accomplish 2 further 'goals' - one, that they can flout themselves as 'impartial and unbiased'...

If they behave in an impartial and unbiased way, we get to accuse them of flouting it. Outstanding! (BTW: Don't you mean flaunt?)

…and two, that by putting the focus of this extreme racist group as 'right wing', they emphasize how 'normal and justified' is their recognized institutional left wing viewpoint.

Next week they'll have David Icke on to just to show us how their Space-Lizard theories are less rubbish than his.

I would bet that in the weeks to come following the QT debate, you will hear the mealy mouthed, holier than thou justification rolling out from the BBC.

Or possibly they'll just run some more Question Times with fewer racists on them.

In my mind, it makes them more sordid and sullied than they already are.

Let's recap: Biased BBC (and Biased-BBC Forum) assert, loud and long, that the Beeb is in bed with New Labour, sucks up to Muslims and fails to give enough airtime to growing parties of the right like Ukip and the BNP. Then the BBC pisses off many Muslims, defies Labour icons like Hain and Red Ken and gives Griffin his biggest broadcast stage yet.

And that makes the BBC more sordid and sullied than they already are...


  1. But what did Martin think?

    Grimer you seen any totty yet? "


  2. I loved the HippoGriff's statement about 'militant homosexuals' 'preaching homosexuality to primary school children'. Just wish someone had asked him whether sexuality was a choice, and if so, when he decided to be a heterosexual. And how that's working out for him... And whether any of the primary school children in question (if they really exist) have been infected by the gay.

  3. Astonishing similarities between B-BBC and the BNP.

    - Describes the BBC as "ultra socialist"
    - Thinks it is the middle ground of the right wing
    - Hates Europe and most foreigners, but offers zero answers to where Britain's future trade relationships will come from
    - Preoccupied with unflattering reports/mistreatment of white people ("whitey")
    - Race hustles continuously, while simultaneously accusing blacks/Asians of race hustling continuously
    - Thinks the best muslim is a dead muslim. Always
    - Curious obsession with homosexuality while proclaiming it as the devil's work
    - Creepy romanticisation of the armed forces, from the comfort of a keyboard firing position
    - Wholesale embrace of Christian values, while displaying few actual Christian values
    - Large membership among the unemployed
    - Passing familiarity with concepts like facts
    - Belief that actual membership of its group is much larger than it is
    - Core belief that the whole world is conspiring against it, and it is the last beacon of salvation for the civilised world
    - But curiously unable to display even basic civility among its members for any length of time

    No, a more cynical person than me would say that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck etc etc. I, however, believe that the similarities are *wholly* coincidental.

  4. O.B.M.E.,

    I've been trying to work out as to whether legendary Social commenter "Martin", was playing away from home last night and commenting on two blogs at once.

    TORY BEAR was covering Question Time in exactly the same way as the Biased BBC, and if you look through the comments section you'll notice that a there's commenter calling himself "Martin" SAYING PRECISELY THE SAME THINGS as he does at Vance's little get together.

    Any thoughts as to whether it's our hero or not?

    Does he feel that it's time his unbridled wisdom found a bigger audience these days?

    You can just imagine him beavering away with his thoughts and posting them between windows, to an eager audience.

  5. I always thought Tory Bear was a gay website for rightwingers?

  6. Anon 11:49

    I may be way out of line here, but the Tory Bear Martin seemed to have the tiniest bit more humanity about him. Not quite so nihilist, but close.


    I think you've got a 99% match there. What are the chances of that occurring accidentally? And doesn't it help clarify the heightened sense of impotent anger suffusing Biased BBC today?

  7. Ex-anonymous makes a great point. Whilst I don't necessarily think many B-BBC regulars are actually BNP members/voters, they share a remarkable amount of views. Though maybe if you took Cassandra and George R out, that would reduce the hatred towards all things Islam somewhat.