Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Please Put Your Opinions Through The X-Ray.

Noted security commentator David Vance has seen right through Manchester Airport's plan to try out X-rated X-ray machines to check us all for weapons:

According to this Manchester Airport is doing a trial on whole body X-Ray equipment whch will allow security to spot explosives and weapons which are being carried underneath clothes.

Hooray! Picture that, Al Qaeda!

The pictures on the web site show that thes X-Rays are indeed very revealing but it is expected that we will have to curb our embarrasment if we wish to fly.

Ryanair will be kicking themselves. They were about to charge us for wearing clothes on their flights.

As one commentator recognised there is a problem.

Just a sec: Who is this commentator, David... He/she doesn't show up on Google Web or Google News.

As one commentator recognised there is a problem.

Might it, perhaps, involve people of the Quran?

"It is very probable that ladies with a Muslim background will refuse to comply as there will be a possibility, nay probability, that their female form will be seen by male security officers particularly if something is found which should not be there. Do you think, therefore, that special rules will be introduced or even exemptions applied for these ladies of Islam whilst we will be X-Rayed with vigour?"

No-one credible appears to be suggesting that that is the case, though, David...

It would be an absolute OUTRAGE if Muslims are granted any special dispensations.


Either they go through the exact same security or they find an alternative way to travel.

If only The BBC had you aboard as their Captain. They'd fly right every time….


  1. Kudos to the ATW poster who accuses him of pre-emptive prejudice.

  2. David Vance is clearly looking forward to flying through Manchester so that screeners can see he has the super size balls to take on both the BBC and the Muslim Outrage (TM) singlehandedly.

    Oh, and race hustling is clearly something other people, brown people, do.

  3. On B-BBC right now. Robin Horbury says:

    "I did analysis recently"

    Nurse, bring me a needle and thread, my sides have split. And while you're at it, ask that nice Dr Vance if he can help you spell "m-e-t-h-o-d-o-l-o-g-y" and "c-o-n-f-i-r-m-a-t-i-o-n b-i-a-s".

    Gee, the guy can barely string a logical train of thought together for more than a few syllables..

    Apparently the BBC discussed whether Bob Dylan's creativity has peaked. This is AGEIST, apparently. Bad BBC, for being anti-Bob.

    But Bob Dylan is a lefty, and that's why the BBC wants his view. Bad BBC, for being pro-Bob.

    Any similarities to Robin Horbury's personal insecurities about being hard right wing and over the hill are, officials at B-BBC inform us, entirely coincidental.

    You couldn't make it up. [Note from RH - Actually, I just did. And I can't show you my methodology because I only have one tiny illegible graph, which David Vance is currently borrowing to prove that Gordon Brown is Satan's son]


  4. Time for Robin's boot heels to be wonderin'

  5. From "Heads on Poles"
    "This non-journo work has been the norm since Zanulabour took over. "

    *sigh* Do they imagine the Today programme is increasingly fluffy? Do they know who Jack de Manio was?

  6. Jack De Manio; that sounds like a pretty immigrant name if you ask me, so he's a typical employee of the Muzzie Marxist gay-loving Zanu Liebour BBC.

    Wikipedia tells me he joined the BBC in 1946, when we had a Labour Government. What more proff do you need?

  7. Or even "proof", come to think of it

  8. Who'd want to look through vances clothes to view his saggy wrinkly ass or his uncut toe nails, and the skid marks on his joxers?

  9. Congratulations, Anon 01.55, you have won this month's Martin Memorial Prize for pointless personal abuse.

  10. He gets a half Martin. I mean, he talked about skid marks, not the full turd.