Thursday, 8 October 2009

Return Of The Pink Panderers

Biased BBC, as ever, puts the coverage of gay people into perfect context:

Is there anybody out there who thinks the gay lobby may already be pandered to excessively and if so, why are they not provided with a voice?

Well put, David Vance. And you're just the man to give those anti-panderers a megaphone.

People like Hugh Oxford, whose motto - In A Mad World, The Sane Are On The Outside - sums up the ésprit de B-BBC perfectly. Hugh, signing in as an anonymous Guest, asks the question all of Vanceland is asking: Why aren't the BBC making happy with the suicide of Matt Lucas's ex?

Whilst the BBC where happy to wax lyrical about Matt Lucas' "marriage" to his boyfriend,

Yeah but, no but, Hugh...

BBC search for Matt Lucas/wedding: One news story. And one set of photos, though it's mainly the celebrity guests arriving. There are two about their separation (though that's hardly waxing lyrical).

they're less keen to advertise the fact that said "husband" has killed himself.

Apart from this:

Little Britain star Matt Lucas has pulled out of his lead role in a London play after the death of his former partner Kevin McGee. McGee, 32, was found hanged at his Edinburgh flat after police broke in on Monday, the Sun newspaper reported.

When you point out on liberal fora that gay rights has only corresponded to greater problems for homosexuals,

Take away their rights, they'd be much happier. And people with fewer rights are much less likely to kill themselves.

you are rapidly censored.

It's like Stalinism. Gone mad. And a bit pink.


  1. When I turn all the facts round 180 degrees, I find that my theory is 100% correct!

    See: finding bias is as easy as 1-8-0!

    But when I point my findings out people dismiss me!

    See: proof that my political and cultural enemies can't handle the truth and I must be right!

    But when I state my view in a forum that is a clearinghouse for swivel-eyed loons, everybody agrees with me!

    See: only the special clear-eyed few can truly be relied upon to educate the masses!

    Conclusion: while my life is, in fact, rather disappointing and lonely I am secretly one of the few defences holding fast against the dissolution of civilized society as we know it.

    All from the comfort of my living room! These politically correct stalinist dhimmis will never be allowed to rule the world as long as *I* still breathe.

  2. Google David Vance "images" and the results are breathtaking.
    I wouldn't mind educating him in the ways of the gayz.

  3. It is indeed a supremely delicious irony that David Vance's namesake is famous for producing homoerotic photoalbums of naked men.

  4. Well, if we apply the same standards of scientific rigour that the B-BBC uses when outlining bias, it's abundantly clear that David Vance the photographer is the same man as David Vance the "cruiseader" against bias and all round "some of my best friends are gays" clichéwielder.

    Not because there is any proof, but because I'm outraged about it and have blogged about. Which is ample proof. It will become definitive proof when other people describe him as "vile", "odious", "a threat to our society" etc etc. It will become a matter of public record when Martin threatens to sniff his turds.

  5. I notice that Hugh Oxford hasn't added anything to his blog since January last year. Is this because the world is less mad? Or because he's joined the insane on the inside?

  6. Cutting edge stuff from VANCE HIMSELF Anybody else remember the spitting image puppet of weatherman Ian McCaskill? "HELLOOOOO"

  7. Hugh's probably been too busy passing out leaflets at Pride festivals encouraging revellers to campaign for fewer rights to make themselves happier.

  8. Wow - Ulster hardman Vance in person! Looks as if his hatred has aged him more than his claimed 49 years...

    Well spotted Aonoymous.

  9. That video is very interesting. It makes you realise just how personal his whole approach is. It is basically a vendetta. He had one opinion on the peace process, he felt it wasn't being reported on in the way he would have liked it to, and so he launched a crusade against the entire organisation. It's good to see the motivation so clearly demonstrated like that.

  10. When I'd challenged Vance on another of his "I'll say this item on the BBC is biased, even though if you actually listen it contains al teh things I say aren't there" posts, one of his lapdogs introduced some elements from my own website, including a short video I'd made more to try out the video tech in my cameraphone than anything else - its contents had nothing to do with the BBC, or even broadcast media.

    That didn't stop Vance, the Civility Crusader, promptly branding it a "video nasty".

    Nice to see that his hypocrisy extends to YouTube as well as B-BBC.

  11. Scott. Buddy. Mate.

    Nobody forces you to pay for B-BBC. Nobody holds a gun to your head and taxes you for its content.

    The BBC's held to a different standard. Or can't you get that into your thick liberal skull?

    If we want to be hypocritical, swivel-eyed loons, so be it. We're not doing it on the taxpayer dime.

    Now, back on topic. Stephen Fry, eh?

    Is he a fat lefty self hating jewboy who likes big gay cocks or what? That disgusting vile piece of crap of just the kind of biased, uncivil and unfunny person the BBC just loves.

  12. Tropical fish! Northern Ireland! He mentions the book!

    It is interesting to hear him talk. And especially explaining why he is so anti-BBC. Though frankly I think he reveals more than he realises.

    By the way, DV. Drop me a line and I'll take your through the mysterious workings of focus, lighting and white balance. Broadcasting eh! Harder than it looks.

  13. The fishtank appears to exist in 2 dimensions only. Is there some strange experiment with the nature of space going on is his household?

  14. I want martin to start his own blog, i would prob be his no.1 fan.