Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Rushbridgr Too Far

A whole new realm of leftie bias has been opened up by Biased BBC: Teatime quiz shows. Congratulations to Sedders, a promising new contributor to bias-bashing.

Question on BBCs Weakest Link last week.;

Not Scary Anne, surely? All that dominatrix stuff reeks of Tory MPs and their public school vices.

Anne Robinson asked ''Of which national newspaper is Alan Rushbridgr the editor?

It's a trick question. No-one called Rushbridgr exists in this country.

You just cannot imagine a similar question about the Times or DT can you?

They'd probably be able to spell Will Lewis, but there is a margin for error on James Harding.

That special relationship evens appears subliminaly in quize programmes.

That's showbize.


  1. Matin watches Strictly! Who knew?
    Do you think he was disappointed to see Rav's chest go out this weekend?

  2. Isn't it exciting that anyone can comment on Andrew McCanns' posts on bias but not on Vances' own site? And Mr Grizzly is at it again, 'Lets close the weekend with some rock'. Hmm... on a Tuesday? Total votes on his poll on his own site is 63, yet he claims september reached a new high. Of 100? Biased BBC looks like it is going down hill fast!

  3. I think they should be looking at the football coverage, too. Ever noticed how many teams wearing red get favourable coverage - Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool, just for starters. Plus they always get excited when someone does well on the left wing.

  4. I've always been convinced that teams wearing red who play well are part of some socialist conspiracy, but for some reason people think I'm mad.

    and look at the way people moan about Beckham, and Bentley - it's obviously no coincidence that they play on the right side of the pitch is it?

  5. Anon 11.57

    Excellent point. Worth noting that two of the teams who get most coverage out of the BBC are from those socialist hotspots, Liverpool and Manchester.

    And another thing: Ever noticed that when Chelsea are playing, their name is shortened in the scorebox as CHE. Why don't they just install Fidel Castro at Buckingham Palace and be done with it?

  6. The point, dear people, is that Man U gets much more coverage than Man City, and Liverpool gets much more coverage than Everton.

    Why? Subliminal message reinforcement that red is better than blue.

  7. on the sporting point, I've always thought that the BBC's live coverage of Scotland or Wales rugby games is clearly meant to reinforce the view of indepedence for those countries, and showing how they can cope without being part of the UK. You never see the BBC televise British Lions games do you?? Proof, if it was ever needed, that the BBC is anti-union and subtely reinforced nationalist sympathies in Scotland and Wales.

  8. And to boot, the BBC never mentions that the Irish rugby team is made up of Northern and southern Ireland.

    Shocking. Shocking, I tells ya. They caved into Republicans years ago. By the way, have I mentioned David Vance's excellent book "Unionism Decayed", in which he explains why peace and prosperity are a terrible thing for Northern Ireland after the good old years of violence and uncertainty?

  9. Personally, I find the fact the BBC broadcasts rugby at all an affront to national morale. It's a game I'm sure Martin thoroughly enjoys, though.

  10. You do actually have a point about the Biased BBC, in that Vance now seems to be attempting to follow the tongue in cheek, nihilistic approach, emitted by Grumpyoldtwat, Lone Voice, Dazed & Confused, among others, but he entirely misses the point that those blogs are meant to be ironic, and sometimes cast aspersions at the Tories too, where-as the biased BBC has just become a hate fest of all things Socialist.

    I'm no fan of Gordon Brown either, just like virtually everyone else in this Country, but if Vance really expects us to believe that the BBC are stupid enough to go down in flames with this New Labour project, then he really does need to seek some sort of professional help A.S.A.P.