Monday, 26 October 2009

Leathering Shami

Biased BBC is, of course, a beacon of tolerance and understanding, but it has its limits. And those limits often include the words Shami and Chakrabarti.

The elfin director of the civil rights organisation Liberty has upset B-BBC yet again, by campaigning to tighten the law on slavery in the UK. Soothsayer Cassandra King, still reeling from the many injustices done to Nick Griffin lately, speaks out:

Domestic slavery brought from the Indian sub continent and Arabia, indentured servitude, a thing outlawed in the UK for years just happens to make a comeback

I think we're all shocked.

at the very time of unlimited third world immigration

It's not actually unlimited, but….

and these people fail to recognise their key role and guilt?

Which people? Let me at them.

People like Chakrabati are the real enemies

Standing up for people's rights breeds slavery and intolerance?

...the real enemies of tolerence….

I think we're all against intolerance.

...parasitic agitators like her making millions out of her poison...

Good Lord. They pay better in the charitable sector than I'd thought. Perhaps we should confiscate Shami's fleet of Bentleys?

...bleeding a system that we all pay for and wouldnt have a hope in hell of getting anywhere near.

Damn right. Clarifying people's rights never helps anyone. Least of all decent, upstanding citizens.

Tell me which political parties are promising to strip these parasites of their power and influence?

Could this plea to improve tolerance by being intolerant of tolerance be anything to do with your recently-announced plan to join the BNP?

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  1. Shorter B-BBC (this formula works for at least 50% of all posts/comments):

    "Up is, in fact, down. The only reason you think up is up and down is down is because the scum at the BBC is lying to you in a leftist plot to turn you into dhimmi collaborators."

    Any reports that a large number of B-BBC posters/commentators were dropped heavily on their heads as children are entirely malicious, my source at Rampton informs me.