Saturday, 22 August 2009

Like A Virgin. On Hampstead Heath.

Concern is growing for Biased BBC's star social commentator Martin.

Fresh from the revelation that he has been cruising gay dating sites to, ahem, protect those with sensitive dispositions, comes further news of his daring.

Furious about the Lockerbie prisoner transfer, he reaches deep into his subconscious for the perfect metaphor:

The narrative is clear. To the people of Scotland if you want honest upstanding Government vote LIEBOUR not SNP.

The devious bastards. Who dreamt all this up?

This whole thing was a man trap set my Queen Mandy

Your Queen Mandy?

a man trap set my Queen Mandy and Salmond (with an over inflated ego as well as belly) to stitch up the SNP.

(Martin, a word to the wise: Salmond leads the SNP. Are you saying he stitched up his own party to please Labour?

So Queen Mandy is fingered (he'd like that)

Y-e-e-e-s. And what about the BBC?

It does make you wonder if there is anything a male beeboid wouldn't to or allow inserted into a body orifice for Liebour.


The BBC are ramming it home


ramming it home like a sex starve male beeboid on Hampstead Heath with a virgin rent boy.

Martin, I'm not sure you're being precise enough there. Can we have a bit more detail?

Oh... and are you often troubled by your fantasies?

We can talk. Man to man.

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