Friday, 18 September 2009

Team Biased BBC: World Police

How best to deal with international terrorism? Biased BBC, as ever, knows the way. Resident soothsayer Cassandra has seen the future. And it just might work (in a blood-soaked kind of way):

The way to stop islamofascist terrorism is to kill all terrorists everywhere,

Jesus H Christ! Of course!

we have the technology to eradicate the terrorists,

We do?

we know who they are and where they live,

Who exactly is this we?

we know who fifnaces and supports them,

Fifnaces is the big one.

all that remains is to drop a veritable cornucopia of death on them all.

That all? Let's get on with it…

The hundreds of thousands of terrorist supporters/islamofascists/islamists in the UK should be deported and if they misbehave in their new homelands then they too would get to visit with Mr&Mrs MOAB and of course aunty&uncle cruise missile.

This is all brilliant. But something's bothering me. Can't put my finger on it…

The terrorists are no trouble to us if they are reduced to ragged pieces of dead meat lying under a tonne of rubble are they?

Guess not. Oh, yes: What is your innocent to guilty ratio whilst shredding Islamics?

Unless of course the whole object of the exercise is to prolong terrorism worldwide so a planetary dictatorship can be imposed on the people in the guise of protecting us!

And would the BBC ever tell us that? Quislings...


  1. The more often I visit B-BBC, the more convinced I am that the likes of "Cassandra" and "Martin" are plants from the BBC. The plan can only be to discredit the shrinking numbers who do sometimes have a fair point by lining up parody bigots and nutcases alongside them. "By their friends shall ye know them."

  2. "lining up parody bigots and nutcases alongside them" - like Mr Vance, you mean?

  3. No, I'm guessing that while he might be both things he really does exist. One might guess some of the others emanate from someone in the BBC with a sense of humour or experience of black propaganda. (And that isn't a reference to race.)

  4. I'm shocked that the mainstream press hasn't picked up on biased BBC yet - remember how they went nuts over Guido till they realised he was nuts too.

    That's the great thing about the internet - any lunatic can write about any old crap, and a lot of idiots buy into it. David Vance is a genius at that. Before the web, morons like him were stuck ranting in pubs and writing letters to papers (that never got published).

  5. "The Green Ink Brigade" is what they are known as.

    I just love the fact that any dissenting view made more than once becomes "trolling".

    It's a prime example of the eggshell thin egos of Vance and many of his commenters - a world view so black and white, so completely "coherent" that the rude interruption of logic or facts creates great distress - like the white blood cells have to kick into action and dispel the invaders.

  6. Before the interweb, Vance would have been wandering round Hyde Park with a wooden box and a cardboard megaphone.

  7. Edward, I really don't think he would.

    He's got such a gob on him the cardboard megaphone would have been unnecessary, and such an inflated view of his own stature that a wooden box would be "letting the trolls win".

  8. Which reminds me I need to speak to my fifnacial adavisor.

  9. Can you provide a link to genocide-solution thread. I can't find it.