Monday, 7 September 2009

And In Other News: We Are Paying £1 Billion To Be Exterminated

Ever wondered whether you're getting enough news? Loyal fans of Biased BBC know that al-Beeb is never enough, run as it is by gay party animals trying their damnedest to impose a Taliban Government upon the UK.

Allan@Aberdeen, a B-BBC veteran, has been scouting more reliable places for your daily briefing:

the BNP

Righty-ho. We all know the BBC has an agenda. But might not the Master Race, too?

the BNP simply reports the news that the BBC won't report.

Swimming galas? Village Hall meetings? That sort of thing?

A quick visit to the BNP's website provides the balance to that of the BBC and one then has a better perspective of who coomits crime in the UK

Coomits? Well, who does, er, coomit crime in the UK?

as if we didn't already know!

Are they, by any chance, brown?

However, that anybody has to go to an organisation whose tiny budget is funded entirely by voluntary donations to get a balance to the 3.2 billion £s BBC's 'news' is shameful

BBC News spends perhaps a tenth of that, Allan, but point taken. Who needs 44 foreign bureaux, award-winning reporters and 120 hours a day of output, when a chap in a St George t-shirt can Google ethnic stories every few days and re-write them to scare the pants off gullible white people?

(Sample headline: British People Will Pay £1 Billion to be Exterminated by Colonisation)

The BNP being 'fascist' is opinion, and one which I don't share.



  1. Odd. A lot of the time, when some gobshite comes on B-BBC saying he's not convinced that the BNP are a bunch of tin-pot Nazis, a load of their Israeli and otherwise Jewish readers come on and tear them a new one. Not seen that for a while though. Pity, always fun to watch.

  2. B-BBC are ridiculously two faced - love the BNP when they hate muslims, but hate them for being anti-semitic, they also claim the BBC supports Gordon and labour to the hilt, but they also claim they fail to support the 'good' war labour started

    But let's not delve into their idiocy, I'd be here all day - I have a question for OMTE - are you a 'sandal-wearing, trot'?

    and do you '[support] friends of the earth. Read the grauniad. Drink mid priced Chardonnay he bought from that lovely vineyard he and his life partner visited in the loire.' as Paddy puts it? (that's the better version)

  3. I'm starting to worry even more about, Martin. Recently he's touched on Obama being "rimmed", Brown with his "trousers round his ankles" and the "ugly woman" of the BBC.
    Even Littlejohn at his most homophobic never really convinced me that anti-gay bigots are secret cock-cravers.
    But Martin on the other hand. Seems the only rational explanation.

  4. Bob. Guilty as charged. I live a lonely existence with my curly cat Che on the Loire, admire the nose ring on my slightly fusty Palestinian partner Narnia and drink Murdoch from my tennis partner Chardonnay's ready meal.

  5. that's a shame, you sounded intelligent and reasonable..I guess they are right

    Oh well, back off to work for the BBC as a dhimmi...

  6. Oh diddums, two-faced eh? How can anyone possibly fight anti-semitism and not be in love with the Religion of Pieces at the same time??

    Couldn't have something to do with the fact that anti-semitism is a groundless racial prejudice, while suspicion of Islam is an eminently rational position based on thousands of martyrs committing jihad for Allah over the past decade?

    Or the fact that the greatest threat to civilians both here and in America comes from Britain's Islamic fanatics? How easy the pseuds forget Operation Overt, the bombings in London in July 2005, the Operation Crevice conspiracy to target shopping centres, the failed car bombs in London in 2007, the so‑called Operation Rhyme conspiracy four years ago to detonate a dirty radiation device in London – all either masterminded by fanatical Muslim British citizens or long-term UK Muslim 'residents', all claiming the explicit motivation of glory for Allah (with a fair few curses against Israel and the Jews thrown in)?

    Funny, one might reach the conclusion that the most two-faced people are those who claim to hate anti-semitism, and yet spend most of their time apologising for it.

  7. Paranoid Android: The term "Jew" can be ascribed to a race and a religion. Bigots hate Jews for one or both.
    It's the fanatics of [insert any religion here] that cause problems.
    I don't remember reading any apologies for anti-Semitism here; perhaps you could point it out?

    The reason why you are obsessed with fanatical Islamists (not the same as devout Muslims, but you will argue it is) is that they and you are 2 sides of the same coin, by which I mean: Us And Them; Hate, Hate, Hate; We Are Righteous And They Are Evil.

    Tell me this: When I read the Qu'ran, why do I find beauty and Osama bin Laden finds hate? When I read the Bible, why do I find beauty and you find hate? I am, of course, assuming you have read the Bible.

    Any way, enough preaching. I will simply refuse to hate my neighbour because of people full of hate.

  8. "How can anyone possibly fight anti-semitism and not be in love with the Religion of Pieces at the same time?"

    Er, PA, this is the problem the BNP have. It's a bit hard to give the BNP any credibility as someone who dislikes anti-semitism when the organisation is riddled with Neo Nazis, convicted anti-semites and holocaust deniers.

    Now, the cynics among us may just be thinking that the BNP's new found focus on muslims is simply the game moving on.

    While the yids, wops and nignogs were the enemy on our shores of yesteryear, the BNP has masterfully reinvented itself as a political party for our modern times by bashing towelheads.

    Colour me (and forgive the unintended pun) unconvinced.

  9. Not a preachy post this time. Sorry for the above post.
    That story on the BNP webshite, "Exterminated by Colonisation". That's not "race hustling" is it?
    It dutifully reproduced a report from the Office of National Statistics showing that there's a large increase in children born to foreign-born parents. OK, I don't doubt it. But here's the rub, and it's a twisted, shit-stained, deceitful, scare-mongering rub at that: In the article it says "If 70 percent of all schoolchildren come from parents not born in Britain, it is clear that indigenous British people will be swamped within two generations.". Well, quite. Note the subjunctive: IF IF IF IF. The ONS stats show a 16% rise. 16 NOT 70. IF IF IF IF. The report also doesn't say where all the foreign-born parents came from. But the BNP knowns. You see, they're magic. The come from the 3rd world, and I reckon they're brown and have a tendency to pray 5 times a day, what? They're definitely NOT from the EU?
    The BNP is very democratic: I posted a comment on their thread, made sure I moderated my language and did not accuse anybody or the article of anything; I just pointed out that the stats do not show 70% and do not say where the parents came from. And it was a hell of a lot shorter than this shit I'm writing. Still not been published.
    So Allan@Aberdeen, if the BNP won't publish my comment, perhaps you'll do it for me at B-BBC? Please.