Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gay. Check. Turd. Check. Muslim. Check.

It'll be a little while before the position of Poet Laureate is open, but HM The Queen could do worse than look at Biased BBC's moral philosopher Martin next time she needs a trenchant ode.

Here, from today's boards, are 7 lines which sum up all that is distinctive about B-BBC and its manly commentator.

There is normally a mong from Scotland

who is a Muslim convert

that rants about Thatcher on every phone in.

Camp Cambell is just

another pint sized Liebour loving turd

who will get the chop

once the Tories slaughter the BBC.

Would be a haiku if it weren't a tad too long, but we should marvel at the checklist of obsessions he crams into 41 furious words:

Mockery of the mentally handicapped


Mrs Thatcher

The assumed homosexuality of BBC staff

Nicky Campbell in particular



The destruction of the BBC

Bloody mayhem

The Biased BBC faithful may chafe at David Vance's re-fit of their site, but can anyone still argue with his promise that:

B-BBC is and shall remain a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.


  1. Be fair to the man. He did write it with one hand, after all.

  2. That'll be married man, Nicky Campbell, will it? I would like to assume that if I cast the same aspersions on Martin he wouldn't get in a right old tizzy?

  3. He missed Islington-dwelling wanker from his description. I think Martin went easy on him frankly.