Thursday, 17 September 2009

How Do You Spell Tasteful?

The BBC's distinguished foreign correspondent Brian Barron has died. Roger C shares his feelings with Biased BBC readers.

I see that we are at last rid of BBCs arch lefty "war Correspondant" Brian Barron.

Say what you like about Mr Barron…at least he could spell (and punctuate).

His reporting was so in tune with the BBC

Praise indeed. He was a top man, certainly.

so in tune with the BBC mind set


in its biased pro terrorist stance that I have breathed a sigh of relief at his parting.

Well at least you didn't do a dance.


  1. Again why does the BBC in NI have any dealings with a man who runs a blog propagating this filth?

  2. Because its a terrible biased organisation intent on pumping out its one sided leftist propoganda.

    Oh wait, that doesnt fit...

  3. Who is this 'David Vance'? What is he known for, other than being a rabid lunatic?

  4. I love the Team America approach to terrorism that is advocated on Vance's Vanity Trip (sometimes also known as Biased BBC).

    Do you think 'Cassandra' really exists? Or Sue? She's probably trying to emigrate to Israel so she can personally kill a load of Palestinians.

  5. As in another reply, I'm sure "Cassandra" and one or two others are plants from the other side of the fence designed to discredit Vance's blog (and succeeding thoroughly).

  6. Much like, for example, Neil Craig and John Adair on the lamented SYB.

    Great post, by the way.