Thursday, 24 September 2009


A very strange thing has happened on this blog. People have started discussing the BBC, the existence of its bias (or not) and its future, and doing so rationally and intelligently. The really weird thing is that they seem able to do it without libelling whole groups of people, religions or, of course, the BBC and its staff.

As an experiment, the Gay Taliban Feminazi Stalinist Collective which runs this blog (with gold-plated funding from mysterious backers in Shepherd's Bush) will allow the proletariat to discuss the BBC and its doings without the need for an officially-authorised joke or two.

There are no rules. Yet. But we have a feeling posts with wit, intelligence and insight will be welcomed and crap like you get at Biased BBC will not. That is all.


  1. I had noticed this. It's ironic because the people Vance categorizes as Trolls seem to be bringing a more civilised tone to the site, and there seems to be more discussion than simply insulting various things/people/races.

    Not that that Vance would ever admit that, of course.

  2. The site is itself one big troll, it's insane, I'm beginning to think it's parody (if I hadn't heard Vance on local radio slandering people)

    I actually dislike the trolls (that is, the actual ones who just swear at Vance) - because if it was just OMTE and others making proper criticisms we'd have the high ground

    Ah well, the comments system has unfortunately taken a lot of the fun out of it

  3. I watched the first few minutes of their Question Time Live Experience. The first thing I saw was a comment from Martin, "Fit Bird!"
    They are just beyond parody.

  4. I think we're all pleased to see that Martin's masculinity is in 100% working order.

  5. I recall the prime minister,on his sky news interview regarding The Sun dropping support for labour saying "people decide elections,not newspapers".This phrase was parroted by a bbc correspondant just a couple of days later when reporting on the irish referendum,prefaced with "as we all know" Was this just lazy phrasing or is this subtext for "ignore the Sun"? I would much rather see a repaired bbc doing its job properly,licence fee or no than the bbbc line which i suspect would involve setting fire to the bbc and chasing its employees back inside with pointed sticks. Btw,i have no fecal fixation,