Sunday, 20 September 2009

Beating Our Meat To Obama

A new era of gentility has dawned today at Biased BBC, ushered in by its own Mr Civility, David Vance. A new comments system has been installed so that it remains a place for civilised debate, he says.

Which is great, because our sewage monitors have been waist-deep in the latest sludge civilised discourse emanating from Mr Vance's outlet. Here's last week's worth of niceness aimed at the BBC and its workforce:

Hitler could only have dreamt of such successful propaganda full of crap prick as guitly of lying in pursuit of its fervent beliefs as Goebbels was in support of his Fuhrer until the present BBC is neutered FOREVER eating conservatives and republicans for breakfast EVIL or FASCIST shooting up in Islington I'm just waiting for the time violence against the BBC is 'fashionable' the BBC takes it up the arse without a murmur extreme submissive /dhimmi tactics lying, useless shit THE BBC: WE CHEAT AND WE LIE his nose up Vince Cables arse you mongs the usual handwringing b******s the beeboids arse lick McTool arse sniffing Gordon Brown is what we do Arse sniffer you tool I'm totally certain male beeboids beat their meat to pictures of Obama bullshit they churn out every hour shit reporting willingly and blindly spreads blood libels wanky rotten, almost racist bias the idiots it sends to cover affairs in the USA mincing beeboids mincing nancy boys Filth and low life scum Arseholes a liar and full of shit filth a socialist pollutant goon a fat bastard who needs to go on a diet trash mumbo jumbo scumbag beeboids scum lives in its own champagne filled world kiddy fiddler goons the beedoids simply report shit The usual bunch of leftist twats these twats how shit the BBC is at reporting FACTS dopey dykes fat arses a thug organisation an unhinged creep shit like the BBc years of excess on 12 year old rent boys and Cocaine frenzies scumbags

As David Vance puts it, in characteristically magisterial fashion:

B-BBC is and shall remain a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.

Biased BBC's new dawn of internet politesse could not have been brought to us without expert help in the form of the blogger All Seeing Eye, as Mr Vance reminds his troops.

Who is this giant of civilised-debate-website engineering?

According to this Blog Profile, he is responsible for those ennobling websites Jacqui Smith Is A Cunt, Fuck The Fuck Off and that apex of civility ..... Is A Cunt.

Update: All Seeing Eye informs those B-BBC faithful who found the C-word blogs a bit much that he was only keeping them warm for a sickly friend. Which is so twatting touching. And so cunting civilised. You, er, Mongs.


  1. Hello?

    Which bit do you not get? Because it's a private blog, not funded by the taxpayer under pain of prison, we can, er, make lots of inflammatory, false, racist, threatening, crude, coarse and otherwise uncivil comments.

    That's freedom of speech you commie beeboid bumlicker. Not that you or your pal Stalin would understand.

    Now, don't bother coming back, troll, unless you want to get banned.

    Yours belligerently,

    A logically-challenged Keyboard Kommando.

  2. They're a peculiar bunch at B-BBC. I still can't get my head around the strange logic they have there. Nor the terms that have become part of every day use -'beeboid', 'feminazi', 'dhimmi'. Basically, the conclusion I came to was that the real gripe isn't bias on the BBC, it's that they have their beliefs and their idea of what is right and wrong, and the fact that the BBC reports ''the wrong way'' on these things angers them. Regardless of the fact that other media outlets do the same.... Funny, because the one issue where they may have some solid ground (the licence fee) is rarely discussed, and certainly not understood.

  3. Douglas,

    There's a lot more "bias" to post on if you basically

    a) Take the view that any story you disapprove of/disagree with is bias
    b) Get to interpret everything from the supposition of the worst possible motive, i.e. that the person saying/writing the story is, in fact, a communist agent of Islamofacism
    c) Get to argue that the evidence of other media reporting the same story in the same way is irrelevant as a counter-point because they are not taxpayer funded, so "out of scope"
    d) Get to ignore any stories that disprove your thesis as "irrelevant" or "just a drop in the ocean"
    e) Get to claim that if a story you dislike is not on the website it doesn't matter if the story was carried elsewhere on the BBC because the web is so important
    f) .. while also arguing that just because a story you liked was on the website it doesn't matter because it wasn't carried elsewhere and TV/radio is much more powerful than the internet
    g) Couldn't give a shit if you're wrong because at the end of the day the licence fee is still a disgusting, tax on humanity
    h) Couldn't give a shit if you're wrong because you know you've been right lots of other times
    i) Couldn't give a shit if you're wrong because you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?
    j) Don't need to post, you know, any concrete examples because you've got some special claim on the truth
    k) Get to label anyone who disagrees as a quisling, beenboid, bum bandit, troll and therefore fatally compromised in either judgment, morals or both

  4. Agreed.

    So basically the typical B-BBC poster believes the following:

    - Global warming is a giant conspiracy, perpetrated by the BBC as they hate wealth and capitalism, and want to see the economy die.
    - The economy is dying, but the BBC try to claim it isn't so as to protect the Labour government they love so much.
    - The Conservative Party are despised by the BBC, even when the BBC makes the mistake of a reasonably pro-Tory article it is a 'token' piece, which really shows us how much they hate the Tories.
    - Islamic terrorism is all the fault of left wingers and the BBC denies it ever happens, excpet of course all the countless reports of bombings, executions etc.
    - The war in Iraq was great when referring to Bush's role, as he was brave at fighting the Jihadis. But Blair's war in Iraq, yes the same one, was bad, based on a pack of lies, and opposed by the nasty peaceniks at the beeb at all costs.
    - The BBC report on various terrorist organisations/dictators, therefore they support these groups or people, as to mention them is to tacitly back them.
    - Britain went down the toilet long ago. Life just to be just grand, but somehow the nasty left wing BBC got together with the Guardian, and conspired to ruin things.
    - Except things are now better than they have ever been if you are gay, non-white, on benefits, or a Muslim. If you fall into any of those categories, life could not be better. The BBC promotes all these lazy groups at the expense of hard working white Christians, who suffer greatly at the hands of the nasty politically correct police.
    - Obama is a dangerous socialist, and as the BBC talk about him a lot, that must mean they love him. Even when they report about his problems and his failings, they are not emphasizing them enough - hence obvious bias.

  5. The commenters at Biased BBC do embarrass themselves occasionally, though they don't seem to realise it.
    I don't think it's all that controversial to suggest that the BBC is generally biased towards a 'leftist' or 'liberal' position, but they (B-BBC) do seem to see it literally everywhere.
    A presenter only has to hand over to the traffic on 5 Live and it's somehow seen as evidence of a Hamas-inspired plot.

  6. Dan,

    They don't realise it partly because of the psychology of the green ink brigade.

    Their views - and frequently behaviour - are so outlandish that the only way to internally justify it is to convince oneself that the "other side" is worse. Far worse, in fact, to the degree that you actively have to shout and agitate just to make an impression.

    To create an "other side", you have to pitch things as if they were a war. Either a real war, in which the BBC is actively shilling for Hamas or whoever. A political war. Or a culture war.

    This neatly gives you both something to do (fight!) and something to aim it. It's no coincidence that the exact same things the BBC is so heavily shilling for are the exact same things David Vance et al care passionately about.

    Which is really a polite way of saying that most, if not all, or B-BBC's commenters and posters have wayyy too much time on their hands.

  7. And further seek validation for their views and indeed lives by railing against the BBC. And must find such validation, whether justified or not, because the alternative is to take too close a look at themselves.

  8. Dan

    A presenter only has to hand over to the traffic on 5 Live and it's somehow seen as evidence of a Hamas-inspired plot.

    Dunno. It would be if it was Jeremy Bowen bringing news of spilled loads on the A37. Or Katya Adler. Or Tim Franks. Or John Simpson.

  9. [Which is really a polite way of saying that most, if not all, or B-BBC's commenters and posters have wayyy too much time on their hands]

    I think this may be literally true. Many of the gobbiest there seem to lack the literacy you'd need to hold down a job with access to a computer and enough control of your own worktime to be allowed to use it in the office. The embitterdness would leave them short of friends and leisure opportunities in their non-work lives.

    I see a pool of sad people whose lives haven't worked out as they'd have liked but lacking the ability or education to change it, who feel they just need to rail against something. Remove these and the obvious agenda-pushers from overseas and there wouldn't be many left.

  10. I second the anon post at 18.43 on the 22nd. They love getting angry, it fuels their very existence. Thankfully, a lot of miserable whingers like them bugger off abroad, in love with a mythical utopia in Spain, Australia or Canada.

    The topic today about a Muslim on thought for the day was typical of the prejudiced types there; he was denounced as a foreigner who should basically sod off home and stop telling us hardworking Brits what to do...until they were told that he is actually British born and raised (brother of Telegraph sports writer Henry Winter actually). There were no apologies for the incorrect or ignorance displayed. Certainly not a retraction from Lord Vance of Ulster. Deluded little bunch.

  11. Tsk, I can't spell "embittered".

  12. What a steaming pile of irate left wing shit this blog is, cunts.