Monday, 14 September 2009

U-Bend If You Want To

Faecal waste seems to be playing a large part in the life of legendary Biased BBC social commentator Martin.

Fresh from a series of rants against turd-sniffers and turd-lickers, comes the inevitable climax of all this, erm, turd talk.

But first, Martin provides us with a guide to Thatcher-era politics, and reveals that we are, surprisingly, in the middle of an actual war here in the UK….

The BBC have forgotten that in 1979 Liebour had bankrupted the country and the Tories did what they did because of Liebour.

We're all Thatcherites now. The Beeb just can't bear to admit it.

Now we are faced with the very same thing, our nation brought to its knees and fighting two wars overseas...

Still trying to remember the two overseas wars which Jim Callaghan bequeathed to Maggie back in '79. Can you help?

...and a war with Muslims here in the UK

Would that be the war you're fighting in your own imagination? No trace of it anywhere else....

add in millions of immigrants who don't want to join in with our nation,

Apart from living here, working here, raising their children here, being educated here, doing much of the menial work and running the corner shops and restaurants most of us depend on.

this Country is like a large turd stuck on the U-bend.

No taxation without defecation...

This is the last chance to save it from being flushed away by the scummy Socialists.

Whoah! Who leaves turds lying around unflushed?

Apart from you, Martin.

frankos has been reaching deep into the metaphor bucket to describe the BBC's activities. The good news is that it's a little less diarrhoea-driven:

Fortunately for us on earth their plant looks like it might shortly disappear up it's own arse. (Posted at 12.43 pm)

planet not plant (Posted at 12.44 pm)

Glad you sorted that out for us.


  1. Martin seems to have a thing about rent boys, alsys brings them up in a heated argument. Not sure what his deal is, but he may need urgent help.

  2. If he is real he certainly comes across as someone you'd be sure to warn you kids off if you knew him personally, but I doubt he can be.