Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Tourettes Trade Union Congress

It's brilliant when the future happens right in front of you. We may still await jet packs and the orgasmatron, but at least the era of the citizen industrial correspondent is now upon us. Three cheers, then, for The Beebinator, a Biased BBC lifer.

Rightly mistrustful of the BBC's chumminess with NuLiebour and its Lefty Union buddies, he's been filing dispatches from the TUC conference.

im going to the conference this week.

Nice to see some pluralism on Biased BBC. Enjoy it, comrade.

Please dont think im a leftist scumbag,

Nor a man capable of using the odd apostrophe.

its just the charity i do voluntary work for has a stand there

Help The Apostrophe?

so i'll go and covertly observe how many beeboids are there.

Bit pointless as they all pop up on telly anyway. Or the radio. But hey-ho…

Im hoping for lots of free booze

Must be Alcohol Concern, then.


sadly didnt see any beeboids, just a lot of communists and anti bnp lefties.

How surprising. What's the TUC coming to?

the prime mentalist is there tomorow afternoon, ive already been told to keep my mouth shut,

Censorship, pure and simple. What kind of man do they take you for?

keep my mouth shut, is what i intend to do,

Man of principle. We admire that.

dont want to be getting myself arrested under the terrorism act for telling the truth

Likely. No, really.

Later still…

saw 4 beeboids today at the TUC all reporting the same PMs waffle

Amazing. You'd think they had more than one TV channel. And several radio stations. And news and current affairs shows. And international services.

as other ppl were shouting appropriate remarks at the PM, i decided to join in

Watch out for the anti-terrorist squad…

and boo'd, shouted wanker and called him a nob head

Tourettes Support. Of course. Sorry not to have fucking well spotted it before.


  1. Priceless. Seriously. This kind of stuff needs its own kind of gossip column in one of the broadsheets.

  2. Great post. Tears still on cheeks. Or should that be fucking cheeks.

  3. I went back later but he had gone. Which is a shame as I'd had time to think a little and wanted to add tossbag, scrotum breath, titchy knackers and turd sniffer.