Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Truth. At Last. (Might Contain Nuts)

There is not an ounce of equivocation about BIased BBC's proud claim: Exposing the reporting bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Quite right, too. Sadly, there are some quislings who doubt whether such an aim is, in fact, being achieved. Or even being attempted.

Heresies are spoken. Is Advanced Vance really doing the job at all? Thankfully the great Ulsterman gets his rebuttal in early:

I am fully aware that not all stories are biased.

That's odd. You seem so sure at the top of every page.

I choose what I want to cover based on what catches my attention

Words like Muslim, gay, Muslim, peace process, Muslim, Palestinian, Muslim and Gordon Brown - oh, and Islam - seem to get that attention rather quickly. Plus Muslim.

and the BBC's coverage of the economy is profoundly biased in my view.

That too.

The BBC has been running stories ALL year claiming green shoots here there and everywhere.

But today's
story is based on a respectable survey organised by non-Governmental, respected business institutions...

The fact that economic realities as measured in the real world confound this is surely of some relevance here?

The real world. According to...

the BBC's coverage of the economy is profoundly biased in my view.

It's my view that people who bang big drums and wear Orange sashes ought to grow up a bit. But it would be hard to claim any objective truth for such a view, wouldn't it?

Update: David makes his position clear....

I will write about whatever I want and people here can agree or differ with me.

That's big of you. And we all appreciate it.

Unlike the BBC, I admit my bias,

Shouldn't that be I strive for objectivity if you have a hope in hell of convincing anybody?

I do all of this without dipping into the taxpayers pocket.

Sorry. Didn't realise: Only the public sector needs to keep its hands clean. Understood.


  1. "people who bang big drums and wear Orange sashes"? You mean cheerleaders in Florida, I take it?

  2. Do Florida cheerleaders wear bowler hats?

  3. Now I'm stuck with an image of a Florida cheerleader wearing a bowler hat. Not that I'm complaining, you understand...

  4. Sadly I've got an image of David Vance in a cheer leader's outfit.