Thursday, 24 September 2009

Fighting Islam By Abusing Distraught Parents

Breaking news on the Biased BBC civility makeover….

It's five exciting days since B-BBC entered its new age of gentility, ushered in by the technical know-how of a blogger named All Seeing Eye.

ASE's previous contribution to making the blogosphere a better place is responsibility for three outpourings, one named Fuck The Fuck Off, and two comparing public figures to the Anglo-Saxon word for the vagina. One is specifically about Jacqui Smith's presumed resemblance to her own genitalia.

All Seeing Eye is undoubtedly a fitting techie midwife to David Vance's desire to make B-BBC a place for civilised debate.

Now Team Vance has welcomed another titan, one G.O.T., or - as he is known to his friends - Grumpy Old Twat - to the Biased BBC creative team. Mr Twat is praised for designing a new logo for B-BBC's liveblog of Question Time.

David picks his bloggy friends so well. G.O.T.'s latest posting on his own pages is the acme of civility itself.

Above a photo of a distressed Kate McCann pressing Madeleine's cuddly toy to her face, G.O.T. has written:

What is it they say? Ah yes, I remember! A murderer always returns to the scene of the crime.

It's a tasteful group of friends G.O.T. has, too. Fidothedog - motto: fighting against the dhimmitude and pc attitude that has taken over my country - writes:

Fucking spot on, I was going to nominate her for a cunting on isacunt, but consider it done now.

Gigits, another Biased BBC chum, adds:

A touchy subject this, but I'm suspicious of them. Tapas eating, child neglecting cunts at the very least.

Let's remind ourselves once more of David Vance's ambitions for Biased BBC:

a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.


  1. Someone really ought to tell Fidothedog that it's not actually his country, it's my country. And he's welcome to fuck off at his earliest convenience.

    Mind you, eating tapas is surely a sign of moral degeneracy. Unless you have them with chips.

  2. It's not yours either, Teddy baby, it's mine and Gordon's.

  3. ''a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.''

    I love that. It really holds true when they start talking about 'mozzies', rent boys and turds. To be fair, if Martin were banned, that would solve most of the filthy comments problem alone.

  4. Cha'mone muthafuckaz!

    If the site offends your leftie views sooooooo much, then why do you keep on going back?

    Reading through this blog and the comments, methinks those in glass houses should not throw stones.

    You jizz monkeys.


  5. Well, TGOMJ has undeniably raised the quality of debate here with his coherent, tasteful and carefully argued observations

  6. Let me raise the qualitie futher, why dont you all go and fuck yourselves.vigilante band dont make me are just sad little boys.I bet you dont even work for the bbc you just like dr who and cant stand the thought of it being taken off air when the bbc is finished. it will be youknow.

  7. "coherent, tasteful and carefully argued observations"
    Well said TVOR. You are obviously an elite BBC employee like my good self. A man of taste, eloquence and superior education who just loves taking it up the dirt box on a regular basis.

  8. And I think with that contribution The Shrike has raised the level of debate here to something of the rarified atmosphere of the Algonquin round table.
    Or is this satire? Jesus, I can't even tell anymore.

  9. what are you saying what if I dont write properly I have a learning disabilty but I still know a bunch of cunts when i see them.what is this allegro round table are you taking the pisss you cunt,.

  10. The word "troll" is sometimes misused to denote someone who disagrees with e prevailing view on a particular site.

    AFAIK, its proper meaning in this context is "A person who deliberately feigns ignorance and chooses to misunderstand postings, in order to to provoke debate, often without success".

    Discuss (25 marks)

  11. 25 marks?
    It's Euros these days, you thick cunt.

  12. How exciting.

    A real life BBC 'use-my-arse-as-a-cunt' cunt has recognised my undoubted wordsmith abilities and provocative cuntishness, right here on his very own blog. A blog oozing linky love in admiration of the pure genius and cuntitude of G.O.T.

    I might even do a fucking post about it ;-)

  13. use my arse as a carer sometimes does that to me.i like watching balamory.i like all the brown people in it.they dance and sing so favrite is the nite gardan.ilike blobty things,.

  14. Why has this blog suddenly become overrun with trolls? Something is up.

    "The Shrike" is such a pathetic troll, pretending to be disabled. OMG how distasteful can you get.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. Well well well what do we have here - the foul-mouthed troglodytes that inhabit the filthy lair of the Grumpy old Twat have appeared! Even at Biased BBC one rarely has the opportunity to encounter the creatures living at these depths.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of them seem to be obsessed with doing various unspeakable things to the human anus.

  16. A warm welcome to our guests from G.O.T.

    To save you any further trouble, a summary of your views:

    Bottom, vagina, bottom, bottom, anal sex, bottom, vagina, bottom, penis, bottom, bottom, penis in bottom, seminal fluid, vagina, vagina, har har this person has lost her infant daughter and here are some cruel jokes about her, bottom, bottom, bottom, penis, vagina, bottom.