Friday, 11 September 2009

The BBC: Who Could Be Worse?

There are some sights so lovely that even BBC fans and their fiercest critics must unite in admiration: The Lakes in Spring, The Flying Scotsman racing over an old viaduct... and B-BBC's resident soothsayer Cassandra wrapping his/her flying fingers around the perfect phrase.

The BBC is as dishonest and crooked an organisation as exists anywhere on the planet today.

Hit the nail on the head, Cass. Nail on the head.

We've co-operated with Vance Polls™ to work out the top ten most dishonest and crooked organisations anywhere on the planet today:

1. Ryanair Customer Relations
2. The Communist Party of North Korea
3. The Camorra
4. The BBC
5. Zanu PF
6. The Burmese Junta
7. The Nigerians who took £28k off Uncle Eddie to finance their looting of a dead politician's bank account and never came back with a single cent. Bastards.
8. David Irving's fan club
9. The Snakeheads
10. The News Of The World

Pretty much in line with your expectations, I'd say, Cassandra. Wouldn't you?


  1. You missed out the Guardian newspaper!!

  2. The Guardian newspaper is an organisation, you say? I've always assumed it was a disorganisation.

    Anyway, you missed out the sweet shop across the road. They have Mars bars priced at 50p, and when I complained they said I could go somewhere else to buy them. If that's not dishonest, I don't know what is.

  3. Cassandra. Aw, bless her.

    It's a slightly more literate version of care in the community when she blogs there.

    What with Lord Vance, Sue, Ed the teaching assistant, Pounce, Martin and Atlas Shrugged you get a sense of B-BBC's true value to society: keeping the obsessive and deranged off the streets and typing furiously into their keyboards.

  4. Do you ever think it would be educational to make B-BBC ever more shrill and paranoid. I don't mean trolling them or abusing them or mocking them or arguing with them or pointing out errors to them or being a nuisance in ANY way. Just allowing them to say what a great many of them want to say. I get the impression that as much as they say they kick against "political correctness", they are holding back, just in case "LibLabConTrick" stay in power and wreak their vengeance.
    The beauty of it would be that even though some of them read this blog and will "be ready", they'd be kicking against their own thoughts, such as they are.
    Now how to tease out their collective inner-Mosley. It only popping its head out with the occasional grunt at the moment. Let it run free and wild where everyone can delight at the sight of it.

  5. ... and then put the ugly fucker down.

    On your list, I reckon B-BBC opinion is divided on "The News Of The World".

    For your list, how about the NUT, and don't forget the NSPCC.