Friday, 11 September 2009

Rainbow Worrier

When misfortune strikes people who are not cut from the same genetic blueprint as ourselves, only the BBC would be wet enough to show sympathy.

The correct emotion is unashamed gloating, and if the BBC fails to join in, then it is proof of its overwhelming bias.

David Vance, who is proud to boast that he is no liberal, knows what to think about the controversy surrounding the 18-year-old South African runner Caster Semenya, who is the subject of gender tests which her team manager describes as humiliating.

On his Irish blog, Mr Vance is a master of tact:

Mind you, it's not just South Africa that has such issues. The UK has a eunuch as Prime Minister.

Ho, ho, ho. Is it true that you dislike South Africa being celebrated as the Rainbow Nation?

Now we know exactly what we find at the end of the rainbow and it is most certainly a crock.

Ms Semenya will find that hilarious, being a teenager whose most intimate medical secrets have been leaked into the public eye. Not that you're ever sensitive yourself, David...

I got a bit of flak here from some of the usual suspects when I dared to cast doubt on the sexual identity of Rainbow Nation athletic luminary Caster Semenya.

The shame of it. You have nothing to reproach yourself for. Especially the heading on your Biased BBC piece:

Half A Boy And Half A Girl.

(Nick Lowe will be very proud.) But what did the BBC actually do wrong?

The BBC was keen to echo suggestions that it is ... gasp. .. almost racist to suggest that "she" might be a "he".

That so? Funny... a search of the BBC news pages shows that they simply quoted other people saying so, and gave it no emphasis. And the radio report you previously linked to does not make that suggestion at all. You didn't, um, make that up, did you?

Comes the news that Sex tests carried out on Caster the world 800 metres champion, show that she is a hermaphrodite, a source close to the case claimed tonight.

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how delighted are you about that?

If the allegation is backed up by the results, the South African may well find herself stripped of her gold medal and banned from racing.

Bit rough all round. Don't you think?

Is it cos she is black?

Hilarious, David. A teenage girl's intimate medical records are leaked to the world. And you deliver a series of slimy jokes. Oh, and distort the BBC's coverage.

Is that because she's black?


  1. Medicated - I think you will find it is you telling lies about the BBC's coverage. Their coverage is absolutely saturated with echos of the bogus racism suggestions.

    A quick search through BBC's online coverage of the story finds what?

    1. Coverage of Young Communist League allegations of racism (with no balance from other side!)

    2. Another story on some indigenous celebration with more emphasis on accusations of racism:

    3. Yet another story emphasising the bogus Communist claims:

    4. Interview with family members including repeating the racism claims:

    5. And finally, a BBC round up of 'your views' -( a lie because it is restricted to Africans only), most of which (guess what?) play the race card:

    In this instance David Vance is absolutely correct.

  2. In which case, many apologies. Oh, hang on....

    The radio report Vance complained of has no mention of racism. All but one of the on-line pieces you list quote named people or organisations, usually at the bottom of the story. In the other, they're summarising clearly-expressed views, with no emphasis of their own. This is no more the BBC being keen to echo an opinion than when it quotes Nick Griffin.

  3. I'm beginning to get the hang of the B-BBC mindset. You see a report on the BBC that says, for example, "Israel to build more settlements". You and I see "Israel to build more settlements", a simple statement of fact (what is called elsewhere in the normal world 'reporting'). B-BBC sees "Filty kikes steal more land from wonderful Islamist peacemakers".

    I wonder what it's like to go through life that deluded. I would say that it must make normal human interaction difficult, but of course one has to take into account that a) these are not really normal humans, and b) they don't get out much.

    (Synchrony alert - the captcha I was asked to type to validate this post was "reddlist". You couldn't make it up - well, unless you're a contributor to B-BBC of course)

  4. I'm not sure that Caster Semanya is subject to tests on her sexuality. Would the IAAF really be in tizzy over who she shags? I think you mean tests on her gender.

  5. Ho ho ho. That David Vance! Ha ha. He's like one of them comedians..... Off of The Comedians...... From the 70's......... A dick.