Sunday, 6 September 2009

Kill It With Fire. Lots And Lots Of Fire.

It is vital to maintain standards at all times. Especially when exposing the BBC's lack of them. Much cheering this morning when Biased BBC honcho David Vance showed the yellow card to a foul-mouthed BBC supporter.

The foolhardy graphomy wrote that Mr Vance was full of shit. Instant retribution! Mr Vance, a model of seething restraint, fired back: "Maybe you are unaware of the fact that I do not approve of swearing here. So, mind your language, pal, you're not going to pollute this space."

Indeed. And the only slight downside is that Mr Vance did not have the time to give a stern warning to the B-BBC hero who wanted the BBC staff to die, you stinking, lying offal a few weeks back. Nor all the others who heaped abuse and death threats on BBC personnel. Curiously, it's ten days since Mr Vance last asked his troops to moderate their language. Let's see how well they've done:

That ball-room dancing faggotry program

Beeboid vermin spew propagada literally like a Soviet propaganda arm the appallingly slanted anti-christian anti-business antimanufacturing anti family anti-british anti-english anti-capitalist anti-libertarian pro-abortion pro-terrorist pro eco-loony output mockney frauds The beeb live in the islington bubble where they peer through their islington letterboxes frightened of the real world a vile anti semite shite a PR group for Islamic terrorists Imogens and Ruperts stupid bitch utter trash a cheap street hustler nasty, overpaid bunch of habitual and PROFFESIONAL liars EVIL can't be arsed to get things right Utter scum sucking, nieve, vain glorious & pointless hairdo of a hack poison racist bias 'mockingbird' twaddle hypocracy al-BBCeera News unhinged bias twisted and deranged f*cked up beyond belief beeboid filth quite happily slit the throat of a BBC reporter regurgitates any rubbish mewling dross degenerate assholes the BBC puke out Kill it with fire. Lots and lots of fire. Biased Bloated & Corrupt shooting themselves up in the non gender specific bogs at the BBC

Bit of a mystery why Mr Vance did not see fit to remonstrate with any of the above. Perhaps he was too busy with his appearance on scum sucking, nieve, vain glorious & pointless BBC radio....


  1. You seem to be over-egging the pudding in the same way as Vance. I do not think 'evil', 'mewling', 'dross', or 'literally like a Soviet propaganda arm', are quite in the same category of foul language as calling someone a 'shit'. But perhaps that is why you are OMTE.

  2. I noticed that too, suddenly Vance is super-moderator

  3. "I do not think 'evil', 'mewling', 'dross', or 'literally like a Soviet propaganda arm', are quite in the same category of foul language as calling someone a 'shit'"

    You are, indeed, spot on. But then again 'quite happily slit the throat of a BBC reporter' isn't in the same league as being called a 'shit' either, is it? Slightly 'fouler' I'd say.

  4. Consistency is the luxury of those THAT DO NOT KNOW THE RIGHTEOUS PATH.

    For those with an unerring nose for the truth, those bloodhounds of bias who are the last bastion between United Kingdomistan and its stalinist dhimmi masters and a world in which indigenous white Britishvolk can luxuriate in craven gratitude to neoconservative political philosophy... well, consistency, logic, facts and so forth are just the price one has to pay.

  5. Anonymous....I love the notion of bloodhounds luxuriating in craven gratitude. Your comment reaches a standard seldom seen on Babelfish.

  6. the voice of reason..

    Don't get me started. I break babelfish for fun.