Friday, 11 September 2009

What's That You Say, Sooty? Karzai's A Cheat?

It's the clear crystalline air of forthright analysis which makes Biased BBC such a joy. Take Deborah, a relative newcomer to the B-BBC boards.

Today, she's been re-visiting kids' TV to make sense of the BBC's appalling refusal to toe the Biased BBC line on Afghan democracy:

if sooty and sweep or postman pat said that the elections were flawed...

Word to the wise, Deb - I don't think Mr Vance would buy advice from Sooty. Sweep and Pat, no problem.

…and that any vote for Karzai must be a fraudulent vote, the BBC would report it as lead story on every news bulletin.

Dumbing down I call it. And no mistake.

Of course if the losing names know the BBC is going to support their claims of fraud they are going to claim them all the more.

Indeed. So we must demand that the BBC refuses to publicise anyone who says they've had their election stolen. It only encourages them.

Sod off Aung Sang Suu Khi, Morgan Tsvangirai and whoever should have beaten Ahmadinejad.

Last night on Newsnight when Paxman was interviewing Abdullah Abdullah his eyes were blinking twenty to the dozen.

Old trick. They did it on The Thick Of It. Brilliant it was, too.

All I could think of was "Blinky Balls"

I'm glad I'm not the only one.

and the famous Mandy Rice Davis quote "well he would say that wouldn't he?"

Yes, he damned well would. What exactly?

well he would if the BBC were giving him publicity.

Let's take this slowly. Was Blinky showing his balls to Abdullah? Or not?

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