Tuesday, 8 September 2009

God Doesn't Want Us To Use Convenience Stores

The conviction of three Muslim men for plotting to blow up civilian airliners has produced some remarkable restraint at Biased BBC. Or perhaps not.

But the murderous intent of the East London jihadis is only a sideshow. The real story is the BBC's tireless promoting of Islamism. Apparently.

Even at this hour, RockLobster stands out among the B-BBC wi-fi warriors. He has, no less, devised a new credo for the Christian English. It is vivid and spiritual, second in beauty only to the King James Bible:

I boycott muslim petrol stations

Well done. Something to do with the War On Terror?

mainly because the attendants are miserable bastards who never say please or thankyou.

Okey-dokey. Can't be your own attitude. That's for sure.

I boycott curry houses

That'll keep the queues down at the Indian Spice Hut.

(unless they're proper Indians)

How can you tell? And why? Is it the War On Terror?

because halal meat disgusts me and I can cook a better curry myself

Same reason I avoid Michelin-starred joints.

I can cook better myself (ut's not difficult)

Ut never is.

and not feel crap in the morning.

Unlike now. When you're a little ray of sunshine.

I boycott muslim newsagents/grocers

There's a theme developing here…

because I've lost count of the times I've bought out of date food in such places.

Checking the labels before you purchase should be your watchword.

I boycott the BBC

They didn't give you food poisoning too?

because it seems to hold islam above christianity

Are you sure, vicar? May I call you Rev?

(I'm not a believer in god but I do have christian values).

Of which the greatest is charity, I believe.

Sadly, I still have to pay for the BBC.

Increase the payments.

Perhaps they'll give Christianity a bigger say: You're such a great advert for the True Way.


  1. It makes me laugh how B-BBC now seems to have an unusually high number of people who just *happen* to find the BNP an, ahem, vital cog in democracy, a lone voice in a world of immigration-friendly political correctness.

    And who, by sheer coincidence you understand, have a fixation on the favourable portrayal of our dark-skinned brothers and sisters in the media - and perhaps life. Not because they are racists (heaven forfend) but because it's all about equality, innit?

  2. I've tried to put myself in the mindset of a B-BBCist (don't worry, I put on a tinfoil hat first) but I really, honestly can't find anything anywhere that supports their assertion that the BBC is "promoting" Islam in any way. They must each have the most incredible (yet unenviable) imagination.

  3. @Edward.
    Everything scares them. Everything. Fear and hate go hand-in-hand. "Paranoid" does not even begin to describe them. They are scared people looking for offence, and they find it everywhere.
    They get their "balance" from the BNP, JihadWatch Stormfront websites.

  4. They are the same as the people in USA who are claiming Obama was born in Kenya and is trying to impose communism on downtrodden white Americans.

    The values of these warped people have been around for as long as I can remember. The taxi driver who says "I'm not a racist but..", The twat in the curry house who calls the waiter Sabu, etc etc. There's no debating with them as there is no logic behind their ideas, just hate and fear.