Thursday, 3 September 2009

Dictionaries? We Piss On Dictionaries.

Many things get in the way of the glittering crusade that is Biased BBC. The BBC, obviously. Even top-drawer generals, sometimes. But the strangest obstacle of all is... the English language, which frequently frustrates the heroic David Vance and his chums:

I was reading this BBC report on the law that has been just passed in Afghanistan that will allow a man to starve his wife to death if she does not agree to have sex with him.

Edgy stuff, David. I thought we hated the feminazis at the BBC banging on about women's rights ?

According to the State Broadcaster "Mr Karzai is selling out Afghan women for the sake of conservative Shia support at next week's presidential election."

Good news! Al-Beeb sticking it to the Islamics! Who'd have thought?

Let us be clear


there is nothing that is any way "conservative" about the dark ages pathology of Shia Islam

Dunno: Random House Dictionary says it means "disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change."

there is nothing that is any way "conservative" about the dark ages pathology...

Okey-dokey. Dictionaries: What would they know?

whilst the BBC never miss the chance to couple the word "conservative" to any depraved cause, we should not let it pass unchallenged.

Just looked up the meaning of paranoid. But they seem to have got that wrong, too.

Hello... it's sue. And she's spitting about a BBC headline: Police hit out at fireworks mob. A top copper is criticising a mob in Luton who used violence.

So why the misleading contradictory headline?

Why indeed? (Though just remind us which bit is actually misleading...or contradictory?)

the BBC headline emphasises the retaliation

Retaliation? Did the cops fire back with roman candles? Apparently not.

and presents it as the provocation

Doubtless the Beeb's motives were suspect...but the story is clear that it was the mob doing the violence...

but the BBC has managed to turn the whole incident inside out. The police are the villains!

Good God. So when the footy headlines say Rafa Hits Out At Fergie...the Liverpool manager literally battered Sir Alex....

Ah, David Vance has been on the crime beat, too.

I don't know about you but I have to say that I read the item title "Cameras capture Lorry Death Pair" with some disgust.

Appalling that the little girl died. Agreed.

Walker is suspected of sexually assaulting this child before strangling her. He later hanged himself. My point is that there is a chilling insensitivity in this heading - they were not a pair

Pair. As in "two individuals who are similar or in some way associated."

whilst it is not biased per se it does show stupendous crassness.

Quite. Just how hard is it to find real bad stuff about the BBC? And what depths heights do we need to sink rise to?

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  1. Vance is getting more off his rocker each day.

    Except he's not. He's said he knows he's hit and miss, and coming from someone as startlingly un-self-aware and bigoted, it's a virtual admission that he's posting as much horseshit as he can muster in the hope of getting the Keyboard Korps as frothed up as possible.